Anyone attended a game at SMU? We are heading there Saturday and wasn’t sure if there are UH sections and should we just go to the window day of?

There is a UH section set up for the game in conjunction with the Alumni Association. Tickets can be found here:

Additionally, there will be a pregame event at Trinity Hall. Details can be found here:



Thanks Jay.

Good reply.

Our fans are noisy in other gyms.

We’re heading up Friday night and then going to the game Saturday. Never been to SMU for basketball looking forward to it

Is this at the restaurant and bar across the expressway from campus ? ? ? ? ?


As an FYI, UH fans have currently purchased 118 tickets from that link.

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Just know SMU has had this game circled since before the season. Don’t know it it will sell out or not but the fans there will have plenty of energy.

UH needs to do its boa impression again:the defense needs to just gradually throw coils around them. They won’t even notice it at first. Then begin gradually contracting. The will struggle back. But to no avail as the coils continue to tighten. Then you begin to see that look in their eyes as reality sets in. Then they begin to struggle to breathe as the coils tighten. Finally you begin to hear that snapping sound as bones become crushed and break.

It’s a gruesome way to go but that’s what UH does to a team with its defense and when they play TWO halves.


Watching the UConn @ SMU game. Looks and sounds about like a high school game. Pretty sparsely attended.

It will be packed Saturday. Moody is not a bad place to watch a game. Some interesting coed’s too.


UConn is my sleeper to win the conference tourney. If they ever put it together they’ll murder someone. So very talented…but unfocused. But, they have a spaz as a coach.


smu game should be fun…will likely be their most attened game of the year …
they are also 13-1 at home…havent really played anyone great at home…but all their home games have been comfortable wins (besides the 1 loss) including some youd expect to be kinda close (like vs uconn and temple)

great offense, bad defense… should make it very entertaining

Coogs win by 13 book it!!

That’s a big number. But we play best under big pressure.

Anyone received their confirmation e-mail about how to retrieve their tickets for tomorrows game ? ? ? ? ?

Will be in section 203

What is the line?

-2 to -3 Coogs

Sent an e-mail and received the notice to get my tickets about 4:30 today. Fought the web site for awhile before I found my way to download the information and place it in my “wallet”. Hope all this technology works when we get to the game. I’m much more comfortable with a paper ticket . . . . .