So BYU is the dirty team?

Not to mention your O lineman hitting us after the play was over.

then there was this.

Sorry but your team is undisciplined but very talented. I’m glad we came out with a win good game. Just have to check you guys saying we are a dirty team. Good luck the rest of the season and Go Cougs!

We don’t care.

The game next year is going to be interesting.


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look up the average age of BYU players then get back to me. Also I’m not a mormon but yeah let’s bring religion into a football game.

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BYU lurkers are gonna automatically flag that. Just an FYI.

Not BYU lurkers, I flagged it. Talk about their football team all you want. Keep the comments about their religion out of it.


BYU Played dirty and instigated the whole game. We took the bait.

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LOL yeah, we really instigated your wide out spitting on our DB

We got beat man. No excuses.


when did we bring religion into it exactly?

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Not making an excuse. No excuse to give up that many points and dont have an answer

I guess that’s the key to beating the Houston Cougars. Play dirty and instigate. This allowed a 29-0 run. Man we have a lot to overcome.


Lots or Mormons lingering

Get a life you clown. We can talk about BYU for days if you wanna go there

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alright you can stop now. Being a troll isn’t funny

Thanks Peyton but no one asked you for your opinion (ps they don’t like you on here)

ok I don’t care if they like me or not your making our fan base look bad. Which there is no way your a real BYU fan anyways you have to be a troll.

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Most certainly am a BYU fan. Not Mormon, been to at least 50+ home games in my life. I just HATE when people target BYU’s religion. I get it. I grew up in a place called Kaysville, Utah. The Mormoniest place on earth. They’re a bit weird but they’d give you the shirt off their back. It may trigger me a bit.

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