So I am cooking two brisket


What’s up people. My sleep schedule has bee terrible since I have been off for 16 days(I go back to work Monday). I had planned on cooking these on Saturday morning for the Texans game but figured I might as get them done tonight so I can watch the game and not have to watch them during the game. Will be posting pics. Warning though, I am not a professional lol. Also I tried posting this in the uncategorized but was unsuccessful so the mods can feel free to move it to which ever board they feel appropriate.

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Need a taste tester?


I am sorry the Texans wasted your effort…what a pathetic showing for all the Texans true fans.


So they turned out pretty good. I tried to use my wood pellet smoker and I figured out the smoker is too small. I got it burned on the bottom side (non fat side) but the probes like butter! The meat is fantastic and the fatty part is still great. I would use my wood pellet smoker on one small brisket but man that thing gets too hot. I have never burned a brisket. Still great tasting but no competition winner lol. Let me try an add some pictures as I said I would…




Well I thought I knew how to imbed pictures here lol.

*edit. I’m pretty sure I figured it out. Pictures should show now.


Dude, you did a fabulous job on your brisket! Wish I could grab a plate through my phone screen. Very nice, and I bet …very tasty!


Thanks!! I ate too much the other night.

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Any tips or youtube video you recommend for a beginner? I was gifted one to cook my first one and hesitant because I dont have a smoker attachment just a long grill. Would it work?


YouTube Aaron Franklin. He’s the king supposedly. I have never had his but people line up everyday at 6am to eat his stuff. He’s got some great tips about cooking for a beginner. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out great. Like anything it takes practice. I don’t think it would work without having a smoker but I’m not sure about that.


Took one half and made chopped beef. Had a chopped beef sandwich and a BBQ baked potato. :yum: