So I have a question


Why is Arizona who we beat at their place favored to beat us at ours?


Because when we played them Khalil Tate wasn’t their starter, that’s the only reason besides they’re in the PAC 12 and automatically are perceived as better. Coogs by 10

(Tom) #3

Think Sumlin and Tate are going to lethal. He had a knack of coaching up good Qbacks and is much more experienced. Expect Arizona to contend for PAC12 championship this season.

(Alfred Matthews) #4

i wont go that far. sumlin hasnt shown he can have a team with a good defense.

(Patrick) #5

A lot of Tate’s production came against teams with terrible defenses last year. Not saying he isn’t a weapon, just saying that he may not be as good as what’s been advertised. They’ll also be playing Houston without their best OT.

My feeling is that most folks think we’re basically the same 7-5 team we were last year. We’re not…offense will be completely different and our defense and special teams has good potential to be even better.


He also took Mazzone with him as his OC. Even with Tate, Mazzone will find a way to make that offense bad.


UH will win this game…can’t wait for Sept 8th


Tate hype couple with Sumlin as HC


We’re the underdogs, perfect

(Jerrycoog) #10

We were lucky he didn’t play against us last year. The offense did nothing the whole game and barely won.

(PMM) #11

I trust you are talking about Arizona’s offense last year…OTOH…Our offense in that game was outstanding…NOT !!


He played against in the second half last year


I’ll be surprised if UH doesn’t win this game. With this being their first home game and Sumlin coming back, they will be amped!

(Nick K) #14

Acres of the 2 qbs that played under sumlin of any substance Keenum and Manziel, both were great of thier own fruition. Sumlin had nothing to do with it. Sumlin did nothing with Qbs after that, see kyler murray and kyle allen.
if anything QB performance will decrease with sumlin involved.


These players don’t know who Sumlin is. lol I don’t think they’ll be using any grudges as fuel to play harder. Hopefully people who do remember Sumlin show up and are loud, minus the boos.


Considering the magazine I read last night has UH finishing behind Navy, I’m not surprised. This team is the 2015 team.

(Marcus) #17

2nd home game. I predict we make Rice Stadium our house and outnumber their fans.

(Alfred Matthews) #18

i’ll be shocked if it isnt 75 percent UH fans at the game.

(Kyle) #19

There will be boos…


However they will be in tune with the fan base an will understand why we want to beat them…same reason why new kids learn why old schools are rivals…they will get it…trust me!