So next season won't start at Fertitta Center?

(Alfred Matthews) #21

might as well have our first tourney game to open up the new arena. wonder if the aac will allow us to open at home vs cincy or Wichita st next season.


Just don’t schedule UTSA to open the arena.

(shharper01) #23

SMU opened renovated Moody Coliseum for conference and UConn around early January. The place was on fire for that game and it was a win. As long as it’s ready for conference play, it’s all good.


They started the project after the 2013 season and were back in January of 2014. It’s basically taking us a full year longer.


Not all renovations are the same. Some are more involved than others for various reasons. Someone already mentioned Harvey and beyond the simple time delay involved, there are manpower shortages for construction work, people I know in the business say that companies are going out of state to find laborers because Texas is fresh out. Also, materials were in short supply for a while but I think that has eased up.

(John Simpson) #26

I’m sorry but we want our Fertitta Center and we want it NOW!!!

(PMM) #27

SMU just basically “prettied up” Moody.

It is basically the same place.

Ours is a complete gut job. Big difference.

(Charles) #28

I’ve been to Moody and hate it. Reminds me of G. Rolle, the old Aggy gym. It’s also sort of a larger version of the Rice gym.

(VancouverCOOG) #29

There was also asbestos removal in our renovation, I believe.

(srassen7) #30

It’s worth an extra month of waiting, though I’m sure we’d all rather have it sooner than later.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have a decent D1 arena so close to our campus. Northwestern is having a pretty lousy year (relative to their tourney team a year ago) and a not small part of that is how they have to play far away from campus at Rosemont. UH has the luxury of basically staying in the same neighborhood and the luxury of Sampson/Davis having a good working relationship.

(gpropes) #31

It’s interesting how different teams react to playing away from home.

We went 15-0.

Cincinnati won our conference playing all of their home games at Northern Kentucky University, about 9 miles away.

OTOH, Northwestern took a giant step backwards.


Would be cool for Uncle Tillman to set up a tourney at Toyota Center. Would be nice to have an all- Texas teams tournament in Houston. I can only dream…


All Texas teams except for UT-Austin. Screw those guys.


I believe that we did host a holiday bball tourney for a few years when Coach Guy Lewis was here.

(PMM) #35

The Bluebonnet Tournament.?


It was a $40M job. In 2013 dollars. Very nice.

Completely widened the concourse, added premium seating, brought fans closer to the floor, upgraded lockers and scoreboards etc.

Sound familiar?

(Jimmy Morris) #37

That wasn’t a surprise. It was part of the bid and time estimate.

(David) #38

The weather may have caused some delay with the exterior work also.


They could have the project going 24/7 and catch up and finish on time, Tillman should apply pressure and get it done


That could be it.