NY6 bowl win and now we're too good for a coach that goes 9-3?

This board is ridiculous sometimes. We weren’t as good as our record or ranking last year, and we regressed to the mean with an improved team this year. It happens.


I want Herman to stay as much as the next guy, but this process has been completely disrespectful to our players and the fans as well.

I disagree that this year’s team was improved. It did not have the depth last season’s team had in my opinion. A shaky O-line and the losses of Ryan Jackson, Farrow, Ayers, William Jackson, Trevon Stewart, Adrian McDonald, and Elandon Roberts loomed large.

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T-Moar and I disagree on a lot of things but I am with him on this one. We sure have gotten snooty really fast. There’s a difference between demanding and expecting excellence and being a Kardashian.

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Half the posters on this board are not UH related either. Related in that you have actually attend/ed the school and truly care about your university.

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It was never about the records. It was the circus that he brought to the team since the week of Uconn game last yr. and that circus happen to cost us 2-3 games this year.

People want Herman to have loyalty to us.

But where was our loyalty to Levine after he went 7-5?
We fired him. He could have begged us to stick with him, and not move on to another coach…but it’s business.

Herman is an employee. That’s it.

Quit trying to make it more than it is.

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I wouldn’t mind losing him if we were being properly compensated. We are essentially the search firms for the big money programs who end up taking them (time and time again) for pennies on the dollar. “That’s the way it is…”, but that is not necessarily true. Petrino has a $10 million buyout, and he is never even brought up in rumors. Louisville never once had their season interrupted.

What’s the buyout, $2.5 million? On what will be a $50+ million dollar deal? Buyout should have been 3-4x that.

Couldn’t agree more with these sentiments. It’s very frustrating, but having befriended two college coaches that got fired after better than average performances, one questions loyalty. I can’t imagine any person not listening to an offer under any circumstances. It’s worked badly for us. From halfway during last season the media were tripping over each other to say CTH was gone. It was the headline after our win over OU. Then the perfect storm: Strong is terrible with excellent talent: LSU fires a coach that has won a NC and 2 SEC championships; and to top it off, we get led down the primrose path for a P5 spot.

Welcome to the P5 world. .

We lost the following contributors from last year’s team:

  • QB: Schultz
  • RB: Farrow, Jackson, Webb, Gray
  • WR: Ayers
  • OL: Cooper, Dew, Parris, Johnson, Wall, Freeman
  • DL: Holland, Mark
  • LB: Roberts, Stice
  • DB: McDonald, Hightower, Stewart, Jackson III, Foster
  • ST: Bullard, Frese, Piper

We had the following expected contributors succumb to injury/leave without much/any playing time:

  • RB: Crookshank
  • WR: Samples, Stevenson
  • DB: Dallas

Most pundits had our weaknesses before the season as our OL, RB, and DB. They were correct as we just couldn’t replace the amount of losses we had at those positions. We also lost a lot of senior leadership from this team; many of them who wanted to come here immediately after our 2011 season - basically, the last Sumlin class. We had a hard time replacing them and were starting many players who had no experience prior to this season.

Losses that hurt most (non-seniors):

  • Webb - showed flashes and would have been a nice 1-2 punch with Catalon
  • Ayers - We didn’t have a guy that could make something after the catch. We also never found a punt returner
  • Samples - Should have been Ayers replacement
  • Stevenson - Could have also been Ayers replacement
  • Freeman - We needed good OL, and he was one of them
  • Stice - He was a leader on special teams coverage, an area we struggled with early. Also could have filled in at LB when we had all our guys fighting with each other
  • Dallas - Maybe he could have given us more depth at corner

We just didn’t have the depth to overcome the losses of all the above and the injuries/suspensions to Ward, Catalon, Bonner, Denley, Noble, Oliver, Bowser, Adams, Taylor, and B. Wilson just upped the level of difficulty as CTH hasn’t had time to build depth yet.

9-3 is disappointing due to expectations and yet amazing at the same time when considering the above. CTH and staff did a hell of a job this year and it is why I want him to stay; to build that depth, to fine tune his style, and to continue bringing in studs that will help this program in the future. Hopefully, he feels the same.

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