So UT has the Houston market


uh-oh…not so fast friend…


Did not know KFC had a radio station, much less that it was national. Article read something like horns on KFNC radio.

KentuckyFriedNationalChicken. 13V0 on your radio dial.

(Valar MorgCooglis) #3

What is this radio thing everyone is talking about?

(Dave) #4

Never listen to the radio anymore EVER … even out on the road traveling now that I have my iPhone and can link/pair it to my IPad.

There are a lot of aggies and horns in Houston and if they want to listen to their alma mater flounder again this year on a clearer station … then so be it … I haven’t any problems with that … :grin:

(Ben B) #5

So at least temporarily the Longhorns have no radio station because the one that had broadcast them picked the aggies over them. Yeah, obviously they have a great presence in Houston market. hahahahahahahahaha

(Ron) #6

I wonder how they will try and spin this.

(Bill F.) #7

Why would you link you iPhone to your iPad when travelling?

(Randy ) #8

(Dave) #9

I have the Watch ESPN app on my iPad and if a game is on ESPN3 I can pick it up pairing it up to my iPhone which is connected to my lighter as a constant power source. If the video signal is too weak I can always get the Gamecast on it which is delayed but …

It eliminates my trying to search for distant radio stations with the game that fades in and out.