So we keep Htown takeover?

(Nick K) #1

Seems CDH has the buzz around the Houston program going again…he is drawing attention to the program from the local and national media. To me that was what was misssing with Applewhite…that and more wins.
Obviously this staff will draw a wall around Houston and compete for the top players here…I think this is the main reason CDH is here…easier recruiting than WVU.
so do we keep the H-town takeover concept and expand on it? or time for a new schlick?


I have heard CKS and CDH on the radio and on TV more in the last week than I had heard CMA in the last year. Sure, winning and new hires help fuel the attention, but you can never discount the value of the personalities and fire demonstrated by these two coaches. Same as we had with Herman. Promotion sells tickets…whether it be by media or by the fire and pride exhibited by the coaches and administration.


I’d like us to move on with a new slogan. New unis too! Start fresh and put all Herman connections to rest. Time to start a new chapter focused on being ready for next round realignment.

(Joe ) #4

I agree 100%. I like the buzz that CDH is generating for the FB program in both the local and national media. Any insight into CDH’s strategy to establish rapport with local HS coaches and athletes? Another positive takeaway from his intro press conference was his mention of Louisiana HS FB talent. Understand it’s SEC territory, but lots of talent in the SW and NW La-region and UH should be an attractive option to these athletes and their parents.

(Patrick) #5

He said that once he gets back from the AFCA meetings and the dead period ends, he’ll hit the road to establish those high school connections.


I don’t mind keeping the slogan if it’s still “in” (if people are still using it) but I’m all for new unis!


A new catch phrase would be nice as long as it’s not forced…like the pregame chant they tried/failed at last year. I’m not dropping the HTownTakeOver until something better come along.


Yeah that pregame chant thing was cringy. Way too wordy as well.


They might as well have gone ‘full metal jacket’.

This is our house…there are many like it but this one is ours…


It has to be the right kind of personality.

Kim Helton was on the radio more often than CKS and CDH have been and we know how that turned out.

Although a love show may not be the same animal.

(Nick K) #11

that love coach schtick was the best thing kim helton did with his time here.


I like H-Town Takeover. I don’t think Herman created the slogan although he approved it because of how he was recruiting.

It seems like CDH is going to recruit on a national scale but I am sure he will hit the Houston area hard. I wonder if he got a increase in recruiting budget.

(Patrick) #13

Herman didn’t create it, marketing did, but Herman did run with it.


Keep HTown Takeover. We are Houston…let’s build a wall around our City!!! HTOWN TAKEOVER!!!

(Bran) #15

#htowntakeover that is the whole point, we trying to take over!


Womp womp is all I need…

(Dustin K) #17

Why get rid of something that works?

(Nathan Williams) #18

You’re all forgetting the new one, which I like a lot.

For The City!


And last year there wasn’t near enough Womp Womp. We need to push that idea heading into the season. UH football…needs more Womp Womp.


Kinda a UH tradition.