So who is got money in the stock market?

And what area are tiy ubvested. I am long on bonds and Reits with a strong leaning to new trends like 5G and autoomus cars.

I do but it’s almost all in boring passive index funds which is how I like it.

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All of my disposable income is invested in ammo. Various calibers and some 12 gauge shells.


While I have numerous guns and a lot of ammo I realized that I can’t survive on a meal of just guns and ammo alone so I have invested in the market. I think I have done a decent job minimizing risk but allowing opportunity for growth for the near future. I am of the opinion that the market is in for an “adjustment” in the next year or so but also expect a rally before that happens. As always, the question is when to bail or switch strategies. I am watching closely.

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I have my guns and my stock.

I again have done well with bitcoin. This year. Yes. I did quite well last time.

Right now shopify, some cannabis, netflix, Mastercard and a few others. I am up 22% on the year.


That is great man. I have always been scared of bitcoin trading. I like good pe, little debt(depending on the growth rate of the company) and most importantly is the company actually making money or is it just the stock price is increasing. Chip companies scared me at first but I am on more comfortable ground with a number of them now.

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I’ve got money in mutual funds, stocks, government bonds, annuities, CDs…you name it!!!

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