So who won the Faux National Championship game


Known otherwise as the ESPN money making game.


For fans you complain about boring football, you got one last night. As I understand it, the sec champ could not beat the third place tide jv team. I assume it was a jv team, the announcer kept saying something about freshman playing.


I fell asleep.

(Ken) #4

Wow. That was boring? Huh.


Box Score indicates Jalen Hurts played some but I don’t know if he was benched or got hurt.

(gpropes) #6

Y’all missed a hell of a second half and OT. That was fun.


First half was boring football by the second half and overtime was great football to watch.


I just watched it. Georgia choked


In my opinion at the beginning of the second half the refs did everything they could to get Alabama back into the game with calls and blatant non-calls.


Yes I saw that too. I think UCF beats those teams too.

(Bryant Hargrave) #11

The SEC championship, was a really good game. I didn’t watch it but the recaps show a good game.

(Ron Derrington) #13

It was a mostly uninteresting game with occasional moments of excitement.

(Sam) #14

??? Great game. Don’t understand how a college football fan would miss it because of some grievance but to each his own.

(jb) #15

Some people here are losing their damn minds. Like not watching movies anymore because the one you like didn’t get an Oscar.

(WRB) #16

Great game last night.


I went to see The Darkest Hours instead. Enjoyed it a lot.

(Cary) #18

I don’t watch the Oscars, and I don’t watch games Houston is not playing in or the AAC is not playing in. I am not a “college football” fan, I am a Houston Cougar fan.

(jb) #19

I think you missed the point I was making. A lot of people here “boycotted” the game because they were upset a school, that wasn’t their own alma mater, didn’t get consideration.

(Bryant Hargrave) #20

I have twin toddlers, no way I’m commiting to anything that ends after 830 these days.

(Sam) #21

Fair enough. I love the game. I’m a huge Cougar fan, but I’ll never forget Texas-Arkansas in '69 when I was just a little kid, Alabama-Penn State, Miami-Nebraska, SWC games, etc. Like I said to each his own.

I saw Darkest Hour a couple of weeks ago. Great film and performance by Gary Oldman.