So with the Rockets looking for a coach

If Sampson were hired away, UH would not have to pay that money. Not sure what your point is.

IMO, this is silliness. CKS is not going anywhere.


Pretty good read on what happened

Agree to a point, but think they overplay TF as the bad guy a bit. I don’t think he was all that interested in keeping D’Antoni from the get-go but didn’t want to pay severance. Let it play out and made decision not to be aggressive in re-signing until results were in.

Sam Cassell has been coaching since 2009. He has played for great Coaches. He is ready and is highly qualified for the job. He exactly fits what the Houston Rockets need.
Sam has an higher iq than most. What I love about him above anything else is his competitiveness.
He is a World Champion winner. He is a Houston Rocket legend.

Harden for me has not proven that he can take the Rockets to the title. Russell Westbrook & He are now 31 years old. I can see Sam make both realize that this is now or never for them.
Would it be better to trade Harden? That is a great idea but Mr. Fertitta needs as much fans as he can.

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