Soccer at SMU Thursday for a spot in the AAC tourney (L 1-0)

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SMU is 8-6-3 overall and 3-4-1 in conference action going into the match.
Vanessa Valadez is the leader of the Mustang offense with 10 points off of five goals this season.
Haley Thompson leads SMU in the assists category with seven this season.
Catie Brown is the primary goalkeeper for SMU with 57 saves and six shutouts this season in 1,594 minutes.

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SMU up 1-0 at half.

They’re taller, more physical, and faster. Be tough for the Coogs to come back on the road.

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SMU is also very good at flopping and trying to do the shady things to get calls. They also have their men’s team about 7 feet back of our goal and heckling Estopare (both halves).

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Coogs have turned it up a bit here in the 2nd half. Getting some opportunities.

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No dice. SMU wins a tough one 1,0.

Great season for the Coogs and a lot of hope for the future. Really excited for this team.

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Completely agree. I watched them play against SMU two year ago, and again last night. I saw a completely different team yesterday. Excited for next season. The new coaches have really turned things around. Go Coogs!


'bout time UH got a good soccer coach. UCF is top 10. UH should be able to do that. Anxious to see how the recruiting goes.

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