Soccer heads to SMU (L 3-2...make Conference Tourney)

Coogs fought valiantly tonight, but still can’t seem to knock off SMU.

However, they got some help when UCONN and Temple went to a draw (Huskies has a goal taken off in Double OT) and then ECU drew with Cincy. Because of that, Coogs ended up all by their lonesome in 6th.

1st American Conference tourney appearance and 1st under Bocanegra. Huge step for the program.

They’ll face UCF in the 1st round.


"It was rough to go down and lose to SMU, 3-2. We battled hard, we played really, really well. It’s tough to come back from two penalty kicks, even though Sammy [Samantha Cude] saved one. What a great effort from our players tonight.

We were fortunate to have all other results go our way, so for the first time in our program history, we have qualified for the top six and are going to the conference tournament. I’m so excited for our players, especially our seniors. They deserve that. I was not ready to be done with our season and neither were they. So, we get to live another day and play on Sunday." said Head Coach Diego Bocanegra.

Houston will advance to the American Athletic Conference tournament for the first time in program history, as the sixth seed. The Cougars will face three seed UCF, on Sunday at 12 p.m. CT.


How close UH was to being out. This was the goal that was taken off the board for UCONN:

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Close enough that I would have called her on sides from this angle and Grant offsides.

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