Social Media Will dictate Tom Herman's life?

I think it’s funny how all these articles online, talk radio, and all the social media rants talk about where Tom Herman goes next. None of us are in coaches shoes but I know if I was Tom Herman, I’d be like, “whos to tell where I’m going?” Almost every article out there says he’s going to Texas or LSU already. Chalie Strong was already fired Monday? lol

Sumlin and Briles left for bigger programs. Where are they today? Did they win championships? Coogs would destroy both of those teams right now. Sumlin is on the hotseat and Briles isn’t even a head coach and will be always stigmatized by his accusations.

Why do I think Herman stays? 1)Because when asked about the new practice facility, he basically said that it’s needed to help future recruits and to practice in a place that’s private and the team can practice in any weather conditions.

  1. New stadium.
  2. Plans in place for a coaches head quarters.
  3. He’s gonna get paid and Tilman said that Herman won’t be leaving because of money as an excuse.
  4. Talks about the new recruits and added depth
  5. Building a legacy vs something that’s already there
  6. UH ain’t no UT but UT doesn’t have the 4th largest city. We were ranked 2nd best city in the world to live in recently in business insider. Baton Rouge vs Houston? Not even close.
  7. Family is already established in Houston.
  8. Had we had no injuries, we’d be a playoff team right now. We’d be in talks for a national championship. It’s only a matter of time before we get deeper in our 2nd and 3rd waves of players. Our starting is with the best in the nation.
  9. Fame? Herman isn’t even in the power conference and both Herman and the coogs have been on national television, social media feeds, radio, everywhere and are branding UH to national media. In time, it will get bigger.

I’m an optimist and been watching the coogs since I was a kid watching Klinger. I’ve never seen UH this big. If Herman decides to leave, I predict it will be after Memphis (Briles and Sumlin did it to jump on recruits for next yr).

Go Coogs!


I’m just disappointed in local radio hosts and newspaper columnists who can’t be bothered to think outside the box. They go for the low-hanging fruit. Their logic is just “well he’s going to make the jump to Texas.” They haven’t been paying attention to who this guy is, they just assume he’s another Briles or Sumlin who would crawl away from UH on broken glass if they had to. Regardless of what happens, I’m looking forward to this discussion being over in the next 5-10 days.

You are an optimist. He has to say that. What do you want him to say, “well i’m leaving so who cares.” Until Kansas beat UT, Strong had a chance to keep the job. Herman has to prepare like he is staying. I hope he stays too, but you are reaching based on these comments. But I get it… we all want him to stay.

He doesn’t have to say that. Sumlin and Briles just left and didn’t say anything about the future.

I think he ends up at UT because he and Applewhite have degrees from there. Those opportunities don’t often arise. These guys are assuredly “fans” of UT football. They see that UH is ranked 18 and 21 at 9-2 while the two “top 5” teams we beat are both 9-2 and are ranked 7 and 11.

CFB is a bit unfair, but being in a non P5 conference is a killer. UH will be fine. This is a very attractive job.

Totally different situation. Comparing apples to oranges. Herman has done what those guys didnt. So if they asks those questions how does he answer. Sumlin happened so quickly. He didn’t have 10 press conferences or more as the “hottest” coach

Also, UT hasn’t even contacted Herman yet. Check out the latest story. Until you have a job, you don’t quit the one you have.

Per 24/7. Pretty accurate usually.

A source close to the situation has told Horns247 that Texas, as of Tuesday morning, had been given a 48-hour timeline to express interest in the University of Houston head coach. If contact by University of Texas President Gregory L. Fenves isn’t made within the window, the source said, Herman’s representatives are said to want to begin serious negotiations with other parties.

Been hoping for that for decades. Problem is that the Chronicle sports department is filled with UT grads and the radio guys are mostly out of towners who focus on the pros.

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Could swear i heard somewhere that Dabo is UT first choice, CTH is the coach. it does no good to speculate on things. I’m just enjoying the season (fricking voice still gone) GO COOGS 1-0

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Yep. I can certainly confirm that. A lot of their senior sports editors and copy editors are teasips.

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