Softball loses DH to OU

Lost 12-4 and 5-3 to OU.

Not much to comment about a DH loss, except OU is the #2 team in the country.

Perhaps it should be viewed as a barometer against one of the best teams in the country.

They hung tough the second game, was holding the lead until a pitching change mid-game. OK is a very tough place to play. Think we will be fine, have some young arms that will get better.

And how are the lady cagers doing? Don’t see much about them here

Women’s hoops is doing better than in any of coach Hughey’s previous years here. They are 13-5 overall and 10-4 in AAC. I think they are legitimately the 3rd best team in the AAC behind USF and UCF. Riding a 5-game win streak and I think playing their best ball of the year. Still way to many TOs, but with a good conference tourny, could make the dance, I think. Most of their games are on ESPN+.


Do you mean team to play?

The DH was played in Houston.

Thanks for the catch, I thought it was a road game.

Softball just got swept in 3 game series by Texas State. Outscored 19-3 in 3 games. We split vs Lamar and Sam. What’s going on?

Definite issues. Hard to tell if it’s the recruiting or chemistry at this point. The pizzazz just doesn’t seem there like it has been in the past.

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Another loss, that’s 5 in a row, dropping their record to 7-10. The latest, a 4-3 loss to an 8-11 McNeese State. Granted, MS has played a tough schedule, but they also were swept by Central Florida. This does not bode well for the conference.

Bunch of tough games coming up, hopefully they can turn it around.

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Make that 6 in a row. UMKC Roos.

While the women’s bb continues to be a big disappointment I am shocked when it comes to our softball bunch. Geez what happened?

Down 5-0 bottom first against Oklahoma. Score hasn’t been updated lately, so expecting the worst. Pitching has been way below norm, especially first inning or so. Preparation? Also, in the couple of games I watched, they seemed flat.

As far as basketball, I would consider this year a mild success. Picked 7th, finished 3rd with a couple of major injuries and a MIA. Still picked to go dancing in a couple of bracket predictions. While still plenty of work to do, pretty good signing year. Think next year will tell us a lot about future of coach and team.

Update…down 9-1 top of 5th.


Good win today, 4-2 over #7 Oklahoma State! Hopefully this will be the start of a good run.


Volleyball is rolling. Already locked up AAC West. Getting out of that horrible facility USA godsend!

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Women’s BB had their best year in a long time this year.

For softball, I really didn’t understand why coach Holas (?) wasn’t kept. She won over 500 games…


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