Softball vs the cow college - Regional Final - Game 1 (L 5-2)

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Coogs just need to win one game over Texas today

Not going to be easy that Texas pitcher is very good

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Did she pitch in both of their games? Does four games in a row matter in softball or is it a non issue because they throw underhand? Man, I really want our ladies to get this win today. It would be so sweet to rub in their faces on their home field. This program deserves to be back in the supers and definitely deserves to in the WCWS.

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In softball it’s pitch until you can’t pitch anymore.

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Correct usually a non issue my daughter pitched for Sam Houston a few years back, and played travel ball all year long before that, threw multiple games per day many times

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If TU has the same girl pitching today she may struggle because she’ll be wore out after 3 games in 2 days and 1 game today

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Lets beat the Bovine University of Smugness today!


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So, how do y’all feel about today? Is it likely that we get a win today? Except for score results during the season, I really haven’t paid attention to softball until this weekend to be honest. Obviously, UT is a #9 national seed, so it will be a tough task. On another note, I didn’t realize that pitcher and I think three other stars on that team are Oregon transfers.

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I think we better win the 1st game, go to a second game, advantage the cows!


It’s going to be tough. We played once in Austin and lost 5-0. Heebner didn’t start that game and it was a midweek game late in the season so take it for what you will.

Just got to keep their offense in check. If we do, we have a chance to win a low scoring game.

Anybody got a stream, don’t have the channel required

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Nevermind, found it is on espn2

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Top 2nd

Leadoff double for Thomas, heads to 3rd on a wild pitch. Heebner single scores her…Coogs lead 1-0

Howie sac bunt moves Heebner to 2nd. 2Ks end the inning.

M2…UH leads 1-0

Top 3rd

Barker leadoff double. James reaches on a fielding error with 1 out, Barker holds. Montgomery grounds into a fielder’s choice, James out at 2nd, Barker to 3rd. Thomas ground out ends the threat.

M3…UH leads 1-0

Bottom 3rd

Leadoff bunt single, sac bunt moves the runner to 2nd. Single scores a run, runner to 2nd on the throw…Tied 1-1

Infield single puts runners on the corners. Runner at 1st steals 2nd. Walk loads the bases. Passed ball allows a run…Horns lead 2-1

Walk loads the bases again. Single scores 2 more…Horns lead 4-1

Sac fly scores another…Horns lead 5-1

Ground out finally ends the damage.

T4…UT leads 5-1

C’mon COOGS!!!

Well, that’s not good.

Also, Alabama closed out Arizona State so whoever wins the regional today heads to Tuscaloosa next week.

Wow 5 run third.

Gotta start adding some runs to claw back.

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