Solomon at the Chronicle No football this year

In his opinion it won’t happen. Because it is just too dangerous.

I doubt if we have any sports this year

dumbest article he’s ever written, and that’s saying something
he really picks on UH staff just like Duarte…I’m thinking this could be editorial directive from higher up.

I think his point falls flat however…he points out what we all know…kids coming back to campus will have the virus. That is really unavoidable.
I believe UH didn’t test because most young athletes will get the disease and be asymptomatic. They shut it down when they saw some athletes had symptoms.
Most of the athletes around the country that are testing positive are asymptomatic.

It’s time to understand that the disease does not treat people equally and the response needs to be more surgical now not a carpet bomb approach. It’s not necessary in my opinion to treat healthy athletes like older more vulnerable population. I think both pro and amateur sports are seeing the same data and they will make adjustments to their approaches…and I do believe there will be college football.


I never thought anything would be any different next fall than this last spring, other than there would be more cases, more hospitalizations and more deaths. As long as there is no vaccine or proven treatment, then nothing will change. As a matter of fact, it’s already getting worse and we’re in the thick of summer now. I’m really missing normal activity and will be really missing fall and winter sports.

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Reading a stupid article by Solomon is similar to the sun rising in the East…it always happens.

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Someone needs to make a bumper sticker, “Don’t read the roach”.

The Roach has never had an original thought in his life.

A fever is a symptom and if one has a fever it’s the body’s response to an infection. The cases around the country have been found taking the athlete’s temperature before the practice.

not true, other schools have been testing unlike UH and they tested positive with no fever.

THAT is NOT what he said…He said is was too dangerous to have stadiums full of fans…He NEVER said we would have no football. The schools are going to play because they cannot do without the football revenue…How many fans get to go, that is the question and we probably will have to wait until September before the schools make up their minds how to approach…
Letting all our season ticket holders go will probably be OK, but that certainly wont work at A&M, because there are just TOO many…

EX-ACT-LY! And typical of the Comical. The sooner they go out of business, the better for UH!


No fans would be financially bad as well. Think about the big schools, the 100k people stadium that generate 10-15 million in sales 6 or 7 times a year. That is crazy revenue going away.

It also destroys future donors and alumni fans. Take away the freshman experience of football and I can see it hurting for years to come.

Universities need the fans to show up so donors donate and alumni still feel connected to the school. It is the front porch of the university and if it is closed less people will come into the house.

Imagine schools like aTm or Ohio state not having students at the stadium. For an entire season the kids would find something else to entertain themselves and party. They may find that spending a Saturday afternoon at a bar, or gathering for a house party, is easier, and more fun. The following year they may opt to skip the game altogether.

I highly doubt that.

These aren’t UH students we’re talking about here.

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I have been a season ticket holder for a number of years although I didnt go to UH. For me the reason I mostly go is to sit with friends and have a good time. If they allow the season ticket holders only to attend and not sit together for me at least a lot of the reason for going has disappeared. The guys I go with are all 60+. We sit in Section 129 is heavily older people(as its a donor section). We will have to see how this pans out.

I’ll only believe Solomon when I see it. The financial pressure will be tremendous and very long lasting if it doesn’t happen. It may get pushed back, or shortened. But some season will happen some time in some form.

How about no Jerome Solomon this year?


“Don’t read the Roach”

Or they might go to the library and work on a project or take up Yoga or Tai Chi.

The Roach?

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