Solomon at the Chronicle No football this year

He probably hasn’t figured out, no sports, no sports writers will be coming to a paper near you.

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Way too many sports writers don’t need sports to bloviate these days. They have already shifted themselves to self-appointed political pundits. At least they were (somewhat) informed about their sports opinions.

Yeah. I was going to say that. Guys like Solomon better be praying for sports. Or he will be without a job.

If I get a vote then I vote for sports and no Soloman.


We don’t like JD, don’t like Solomon, not Lopez or Campbell… who do we like?

John Granato. :slight_smile:


The Coogs! :sunglasses:

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**NO-BODY ** connected in any way to the Comical!

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i love Johnny and Lance Zerlein, too, and for reading, the Daily Cougar sports is actually top notch…I have subscribed for years…

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UH Cougars.

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