Some good bowl projections

(Thomas Hitchcock) #1

Tulane v. Western Kentucky - Boca Rotan bowl
UH v. Cal - Frisco Bowl
USF v. FIU - Bad Boys Mowers - ok this one sucks for USF
Memphis v. Missouri - Birmingham
SMU v. Wyoming - Hawaii
Navy v. Virginia - Military Bowl
OU v. UCF - peach

not too shaby for how crappy our tie ins are

(J V ) #2

Going to Frisco does not seem like a reward. Send the Coogs to Hawaii.

(Cary) #3

The Aloha Bowl is a dump. I go to Hawaii every year for military duty and work right next to it.

They recently approved a new lower capacity stadium to be built on the same site.

(Mike Hull) #4

I’m pretty sure most of the players would want Hawaii more.

But many fans, me included, would rather have Frisco over Hawaii so we can actually go to the game.

Begs the question, who should be rewarded by a bowl, fans or players?

I’d guess the bottom line (more attendance, happier fans, less expenses) is more attractive to the AD if bowls are about equal prestige-wise.

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We will pack that tiny Frisco bowl & make the best of it.

Whenever I see Birmingham. I think of that bowl game vs Vandy in the cold & rain.
(The BBQ was awesome however)


Not too many fans on either team will travel to Hawaii. That said, pack the Frisco Bowl, all of the UH player families can make it, and i can afford that one!


Frisco Texas? Or Frisco as in short for San Fran?

(WRB) #9



The only thing good that happens in and around Aloha Stadium is the swap meet outside…and that is questionable.

UH (the island one) would be best served blowing that place up and building a smaller, cozier, more fan friendly stadium that could pull in musical acts for concerts to help offset the cost.

(Gregg) #11

Frisco is a northern sub of Dallas. I live in Plano, next to Plano, north of it. Also home to the Cowboys new training facility and the Dallas soccer team stadium, which is where the game would be played. Owned by the Chiefs Hunt family from here in Dallas, good folks. The stadium is getting refurbished, small but nice.


Dynamo won their first MLS Cup championship there in 2006 after they moved from San Jose. Was a good weekend. Saw UH beat SMU on Saturday and the Dynamo beat New England Revolution on Sunday.

(Dustin K) #13

Anyone know the payout for the Frisco bowl?

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(Dustin K) #15


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Yup. The band may need to crowdfund.
Team w lose $ on the trip.


No more soccer stadiums!

(Jerrycoog) #18

I went to Ozzfest there in 2008. Its a small place about the capacity of BBVA, but one end is open ala Ohio St but on a much smaller scale.

(Khanh) #19

I drove 9 hours for that game each way. Cold as heck. Ghetto neighborhood.

(Monte P Gilliam) #20

are you saying the San Francisco bowl with a PAC 12 tie in moved their game to Frisco, Texas?? That makes no sense…

(Cary) #21

Uh… no. He is saying that the AAC moved the Miami Beach Bowl, which they own, to the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas to be played in FC Dallas stadium.

The bowl in San Francisco is the Foster Farms Bowl.