Something lighter: TV shows you recommend

I have some free time and am looking for a couple of new series. My favorites the past couple of years are GOT, Ozark, The Crown, and Homeland. I started watching Bosch; it looks promising. Got a little into Ray Donovan, but it kind of petered out. Might give The Expanse and maybe Homecoming a try. Other than soap opera and reality TV I’m pretty open. There’s SO MANY shows it’s tough to pick. Whaddya got?

Ozarks is good! You should check out Westworld

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I second Ozark. Also, you have to watch The Office. You just have to.


Just finished the first season of The Great on Hulu. Thought I was in for a drama with some comedy but it’s a really funny dark comedy.

A few more to add to the list:

The Americans - in season 5 of this right now and like it a lot
Parks and Rec - liked this better than The Office
Better Call Saul - if a Breaking Bad fan
Handmaid’s Tale - if you’re down with dystopian

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Ozark is great. I liked the the first season of Westworld but got lost in season 2 and stopped watching.

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I have really enjoyed The Last Kingdom if you like historical fiction. Goliath was really good to me as well (3rd season got a little odd but first 2 for sure are well done). Narcos, The Leftovers (Sci Fi), The Man in the High Castle, and Dead to Me are recent ones I have enjoyed as well.

I liked Man in the High Castle too.

Good stuff. Yeah, I can watch episodes of Ozark 2-3 times. I love Laura Linney. What an amazing actress. Definitely have seen and like The Office. Better Call Saul, Goliath, Parks and Rec were on my maybe list. I’ll have to check them out. I actually teach a dystopia unit and am familiar with Atwood and the story, but I think Handmaid and The Great are both on Hulu, which is the one channel I don’t have. Also got burned out on Westworld after first season. If that was reality I doubt people’s fantasy would be to go to Tombstone in 1870 :wink:

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If you like, uh, inappropriate but entirely accurate comedy, wacth I’m Sorry

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If you like The Office, you will like Parks and Rec. Very similar shows. It’s also a good change of pace show to watch with the more serious and dark shows.

I didn’t think I’d like “The Boys,” but I liked it a lot.

First season of Goliath was good. Did not like the second season. Haven’t bothered with the third as it’s been panned.

IMO, Bosch is okay as filler. I only watched the first two seasons. It was okay, but nothing I’m going back to.

Black Mirror was good (though I’m a season or two behind). Some really original stuff mostly related to technology issues.

just remembered, going to try to talk the wife into watching ‘Space Force’ tonight. Can’t remember if it’s on Prime or Netflix. But it’s got Steve Carell and is made by some of the people who made The Office, if I heard right.

I liked The Boys a lot. Interesting premise.

I just started on 1st season of Bosch. Seems okay but not like it’s riveting, must-watch TV. I generally like shows with more memorable characters.

I was also looking forward to Space Force but saw a lousy review or two. I’ll still check it out but my hopes were diminished a bit.

My advice with this show is watch season 1, just read what happens in season 2 and 3, then watch season 4. I almost gave up on this show so many times in seasons 2 and 3 but finally finished it.

Sticking to nazi related shows, I thought The Plot Against America was awesome on HBO. David Simon knows how to make it feel so real and everything makes sense. I like historical fiction, but I guess the reason I like the Plot Against American much more than High Castle was there wasn’t the sci-fi parts and overall it made more sense than people spending multiple seasons fighting over video tapes (why season 4 was the best when we saw real rebellion finally).

Another show to watch is Mad Men. I am watching it through a 2nd time right now trying to finish before it is removed from Netflix. Once it lands on a new service, it is one to check out. Might be my favorite tv show ever. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are great as well. Silicon Valley is one of my favorite comedy shows that aired.

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The sci-fi stuff was pretty weird and I didn’t like the ending too much. I mostly liked seeing how things might have been if WWII ended differently. Makes you very thankful for what we have (as messed up as it can be).

I felt like the ending was the quickest wrap up they could do because season 5 wasn’t happening. I didn’t like it either, left everything up in the air but also opened up a situation where anything could happen. I’m not a person who needs a solid ending, but don’t leave it so ambiguous I can’t even think of what could happen next. lol

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I didn’t realize it was one of those deals. The same thing happened with Dexter. I loved that show but the ending was so terrible.

I assumed it was with how rushed the season felt, might be wrong. Maybe they thought another season wouldn’t work because the main characters wouldn’t be important anymore.

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Forgot about The Plot Against America. First rate show.

We watched the first two episodes of Space Force last night. So far, not good. And that’s a shame because it has some talented people in it. The John Malkovich character is great. But I can’t recommend it based off the first two. I’ll watch a couple of more episodes, but my wife has already said she’s done with it.

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