Sonny Dykes Availability?


Sonny Dykes had coached under Hal Mumme @ Kentucky, Mike Leach @ Texas Tech and Mike Stoops @ Arizona before becoming a successful head coach at La Tech. Since things didn’t work out for him @ Cal, he’s now an offensive analyst (not a Coach or recruiter) at TCU.

I have to wonder if he would be interested in becoming the next OC here at UH? It seems that he might be available right away. Of course, we could also use an offensive analyst with his knowledge & experience right about now.

(Patrick) #2

Sure, but CMA isn’t going to switch to an Air Raid offense.


Well, I don’t think that TCU is running an Air Raid offense; but they are undefeated at 6-0 and currently are ranked #4 in the nation as well as having the nation’s #12 scoring offense (41+ points per game).

I have to think that Dykes knows a lot more than just the Air Raid offense, and Gary Patterson @ TCU certainly seems to respect his abilities or he wouldn’t be an offensive analyst up in Fort Worth.

(Patrick) #4

Right, but Patterson has shown he’s willing to bring in different minds to add to his offense. An analyst isn’t the OC though.

Dykes is an air raid guy and you bring him in to run the air raid. CMA isn’t going to switch to an air raid offense after one year when he has no experience with it before now and his philosophy isn’t based on the air raid.

If this was Levine, I’d say bring him in, but this is a different regime.

(Brad) #5

Texas went through this with Charlie Strong. Offense sucked so they brought in Sterling Gilbert who runs the Briles offense. It’s too bad he ended up at USF. Our offense is a rudderless ship.

(Patrick) #6

If you do want to start adding Air Raid/R&S elements, and bring in someone who could help a young OC diversify his offense, while also recruiting this area well, Jason Phillips will be available and could probably be brought back as a Co-OC/WR coach.

(PMM) #7

I thought he was talking about a change at the head coaching position !!


We just need to call better plays situationally. Major did this when Herman was here. He can do this again here until he finds someone to do it for him.


MA 's failure this season is his inability to adapt his “system” to his current players. We do not have the pkayers to bang our way to victory. Bill Yeoman and his veer offense worked entirely on finesse, because he did not have the players to knock everyone out of the way. MA better change quick, or his head coaching days will be numbered.


With Sonny Cumbie as OC, yes they run an Air Raid offense. They just aren’t a Mike Leach throw it 60 times a game Air Raid.


Right! We called a better game offensively versus SMU than Tulsa!