Sonny Dykes to SMU

(gpropes) #1

That’s a pretty good hire for them.


As I remember his father told him not take the UH gig

(gpropes) #3


And Dykes got the SMU job after Sumlin rejected it.

(Patrick) #4

I believe that was because he was in line to be hired at Tech, but then Cal came calling and he didn’t think Tuberville was going to leave Lubbock. Oops. Then he was basically fired from Cal because he was trying to get back to Texas and they got tired of him interviewing with everyone.

Good hire for SMU. Dykes is a good coach and will do well there.

(Bryant Hargrave) #5

Good here for the ponies, will keep them competitive for sure.

(Gregg) #6

Former La Tech and CAL coach, was an assistant at TCU this year. Good overall recruiter and coach.


I don’t have faith that cma can outcoach sonny dykes.


No worry, I don’t believe he has ever looked up the word Defense much less coach it!


Solid hire for SMU. Happy for them.

(zx504) #10

It’s a one, two maybe three year job interview for Texas Tech. Depends on how long Kliff hangs on.


I am way behind. I thought Orlando was being courted for this job.

(Patrick) #12

There was a rumor that Orlando had interviewed and that he was in the lead (guessing his agent put that out there; same agent as Herman). Then, Herman said that Orlando hadn’t interviewed. No matter, defensive head coaches don’t usually work out well at SMU.

Dykes is a good hire, but it’ll be interesting to see how many players stick around. Saw a lot of grumbling from players after the hire (especially with many learning via media reports instead of through the department) and the fans are worried that Sutton is going to declare early. Some of our commits that flipped their last year aren’t happy. Did see that Dykes will cobble together a staff and coach their bowl game.

Can’t see him at Tech unless he gets the Ponies into competing for the AAC title in a year or two. Got a feeling that Tech may go after Orlando next year if they let Kingsbury go. Fans are tired of all offense, no defense.

(Monte P Gilliam) #13

coach Orlando deserves his shot at being HC…he has earned it

(Patrick) #14

Agreed, but ADs are worried about hiring defensive coaches.


Orlando should take the Tech job and keep Kliff as OC.

(PMM) #16

Yes, that would work out… working for your replacement.

(shharper01) #17

Gibbs went toe to toe with Orlando in their game in Austin.

Sutton is a senior.

(Pablo) #18

Sutton is a RS Junior but will declare for the draft.


That was a joke. Sorry I forgot to use the sarcasm font.

(PMM) #20

After re reading it, I can see the sarcasm.