Sound System


WHAT is wrong with the sound system in the stadium? There seem to be echos all the time - very hard to make out what they are saying. Maybe it is just me.

(Eric Prado) #2

My friend and I noticed additional speakers field level behind the visiting team. But only on their left side.


The system is not good. I can’t make out half of what’s said either.


It’s been that way from the beginning.

(Cristian) #5

I sat on the 200 and 300 levels before and it sounds clear up there but nearly impossible to hear in the lower bowl. Need individual speakers down there


If there was an emergency and our lives depended on hearing instructions over the speaker system, well, it’s been fun, y’all.

(Nick K) #7

someone please tell them to add captioning to thier ads and little items they run. this would help immensely

(PMM) #8

Snowflakes !

(G.W.) #9

First, it seems like the speakers are a bit too loud.
Second, do we need music blaring every second there is not action on the field? Can’t we be somewhat like a college and let the band have a turn, or even the HOUSTON…COUGARS opening chant take place without being drowned out by recorded music?

(David) #10

There is a closed captioned area on the ribbon board in the corner near the students [corner closest to the smaller video board]. You cannot watch and read but it did come in handy once it wax pointed out to me.

(Ben) #11

Some of those speaking are easy to understand, most not. North side, East end, second level and the words of most speaking is just muddled. If I remember correctly, the sound system @ Navy Marine Corp Stadium was much better. A couple of times, when a radio announcer was speaking, it was easy to understand him. Bring back Jim Nance . . . . .


It is something that needs to be fixed. With two Tech fans during that game, multiple times they commented about the speakers being terrible as we could only make out half of what was being said and they sounded like they were about to blow. They weren’t that bad last season, not sure if they were damaged or something in the storm. It is a big part of presenting the product so hopefully we get it to sound half decent.

(J V ) #13

wah wwah wah…first down. Is what it sounds like in the lower level.

(Ken) #14

As a paying sponsor with a scripted announcement every game it’s a little bit frustrating.

(David) #15

Link’s Plaza is it? :grinning:

(J V ) #16

Yeah, I would be pissed if I was a paying sponsor.


We are in section 229 and have a difficult time understanding all of the words.

(J V ) #18

Links Plaza has the best tacos I think…lol

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #19

I hate piling on in a negative thread but all the above is reassuring me that I’m not going deaf. I have had a very difficult time understanding what the announcements are. And I can barely make out the anthem or anything the band is playing unless they do what they did this past week and rotate around to play to all sides.

I know that without the deep pockets of some other unmentionable state schools we need to do things slowly and systematically (ribbon boards finally done this year). So I’m hoping that improvements/upgrades to the sound system is on the stadium agenda.

(Chris Vaughan) #20

I sounds crystal clear in the middle of campus