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This summer Applewhite said that special teams are important and the way he will emphasize that is something like … you are not a starter if you don’t play special teams. Notice I didn’t put quotes because I don’t remember exactly how he worded it but I think many took it that way because of a couple joked about saying they can’t wait to see Allen on the kickoff team. Well in his most recent interview he said no freshman will be on offense or defense to start the season but we will see a few on special teams. That seems contrary to his earlier statement unless he meant only new comers have to play special teams before they ever get to start on offense or defense. Thoughts?

I remember him saying that, and like you I don’t remember the exact quote. But I originally took it to mean that an offensive or defensive player won’t be a starter unless they demonstrate proficiency or are cross-trained at a special teams role.

Don’t remember the quote either but I took it as, you won’t start offense or defense if you can’t start on special teams. You have to make the special teams first if you want to see the field. But I could be way off.

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i guess thinking about it a little more, he may still have a lot of starters on special teams and he meant in the second statement any freshman appearances will debut on special teams. So maybe a few freshman that have the potential to be starters this year will be getting a chance to prove in games by playing special teams first.

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He did say a freshman would be on special teams. Who do you think will be on there? My guess is Stuard.

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I thought it was more interesting that he said Special Teams will be a focus yet didn’t he split it among several coordinators on top of their other duties (i.e. no Special Teams Coordinator)?

UH does have a Special Teams Football Analyst on staff so there is that.

Good question. Could be “coachspeak.” Do any of the coaches have experience as a special teams coach before though?


My guesses are Stuard and Mitchell.

Yes, for more speed.

I think you have to put it in context. I doubt he meant all 22 starters on offense and defense would be on the special teams. However, I do think he meant that certain starters would have to play ST or take a back seat. Reason must be applied to most comments.

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