Spectacular Ed Oliver article in the The Athletic

This is behind a paywall. The author really did his homework, talked to a lot of people, and got some great stories and quotes.

Y’all should pay for a subscription just to get access to this piece. Trust me.

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The Athletic is a great subscription to have for all sports in general, but particularly for college football. They do a great job on all conferences and teams, not just the P5. I have seen more positive articles on the Coogs since I subscribed than I have seen in the comical in the same time period. They report the negative as well if deserved…they do not sugarcoat everything just to entice subscribers from the “big” schools.

First time subscribers can usually get at least a 40-50% off deal to start.


Could somebody with a subscription copy/paste?

Maybe the Chronicle will start considering writing something about the Coogs - I’ve had enough of seeing articles about A&M & UT along with the overload of the Texans.

The HC still exists ?

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EE, I talked to a friend who I trust who swears he saw a Houston Chronicle. He does drink a little bit though.


If you download the app and make an account and skip the free trial you get to read 3 articles for free when searching Houston. I used 2 of 3 and the Oliver one is a really well written article. Good post.

Yep, the Athletic is nothing like Bleacher Report as I saw someone argue. Solid reporting and they usually talk to the athletes and coaches instead of just making things up. Reallly worth it.

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