Sports without fans

I have watched golf, baseball, motorcycle racing and soccer so far played to empty stands. I never realized just how important fans are to any sport. They need us!

To me, having empty stands makes the event look like a practice session. Piped in cheering just isnt the same.

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Been watching a lot of English Premier League (soccer) and they are doing a very good job with the piped in crowd noise. Have no idea if it is played in the stadium or if it’s just for tv, but they hit all the right chords…home crowd boos, chants, etc. Very realistic.

Hopefully the players get some sense of realism if they are hearing it.


Same with baseball but I just cant get into it. A ball was hit down 1st base line but went foul. Cheering people that aren’t there cheered until it went foul. I dunno…

Another thing I noticed is because there are no fans they showed the players more than usual. It seemed spitting and scratching is much more amplified.

I thought they were going to ban spitting but there they were hocking away

Can someone explain the spitting. I have never needed to spit.

I spat when I read this. Sometimes you just have to. But several are probably eating sunflower seeds or dipping

I believe the appropriate term is to expectorate.

Gentlemen are taught at a young age that in the unusual event that it is necessary that one should have an appropriate device like a tissue.

You are on the wrong forum !!


English premier league is edited and only seen on tv. They adjust for home team songs and chants and momentum. It is neat to watch. I watched an Italian league game and they had computer generated fans like a video game from 10 years ago on the wide shots but the up close player shots the fans would be missing.

It is for the tv fans. Watching mma without fans is amazing. You here the fight corners talking. You hear strategy. Shoot sometimes the fighter are apologizing for the beating they are giving the other guy. As a guy who participates in that it really is amazing to hear.


It’s tradition and baseball is all in on trtadition. Batters are supposed to spit and adjust their jocks. I think it’s in the baseball rule book.

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Some carry the spitting to an extreme. I wonder occasionally if Altuve is going to dehydrate! Spit, spit, spit, spit, and spit some more! It was good to watch MLB last night. I wondered how it would be without fans. It was watchable for me.

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I love soccer, so I’ve certainly enjoyed watching German, Italian and especially English games. I’ve found the piped in crowd noise helps me suspend my disbelief, and adds to the enjoyment of the games. It will be so nice when the fans return, though.

I’ve enjoyed racing (Formula One and IndyCar) just as much as when there’s a crowd, especially the Formula One. IndyCar has had small crowds allowed recently, but crowds don’t make much difference to me when watching motor sports. Maybe it’s more noticeable at ovals?

Golf has been just as enjoyable to me without the crowds, but of course it would be nice to have the galleries roaring and cheering.

Agree but I don’t miss the all-too-often “you’re the man” shout even when it was a horrible shot. And I don’t miss the tirades when the gallery is not quiet for the shot. Golf is one of the few I think I can enjoy with no fans.

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I get this is about fans but as a recreational sport Golf is blowing up again. The courses are packed.


Not to mention that guy that yells “potato” or something similar after every drive.


The guy that bugs me is the one that yells “Git in the hole” on every drive, whether a 180 yard par 3 or a 575 yard par 5.


Viewing televised golf without fans is much better. The only time it might be better with fans would be watching the Ryder Cup. The galleries today, generally, have no knowledge of or respect for the game.


The Ryder Cup is definitely a fan event. That’s the main reason it was postponed…golfers were very vocal they did not want to play it sans fans.

I had splurged and bought tickets for this year’s RC. So glad they postponed as opposed to limited or no fans.

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