Spring Practice #5 2018

(Patrick) #1

Less and less info coming from the practices. Didn’t see an interview for this one.


Pray…the info dropping off…is that normal for our program or any other program?

(Patrick) #3

Tough to say. CMA seems to keep things a lot closer to the vest than Herman did. Under Herman, there were full stories on uhcougars.com for every spring practice and they usually gave away awards for who performed best each day. But, CMA isn’t Herman.

I’d probably rank our spring practice coverage with most other programs. Most coaches really don’t want a lot of coverage and noise when it comes to practicing and just wants guys to go to work. They’ll pump up the spring game a bit to get the fans excited, but otherwise, it’s spring…all the guys on next year’s roster aren’t even in yet so it’s tough to get too ramped up about it.

Most of the noise you hear about other school’s spring practices are mostly due to media coverage of blue blood programs. Since we don’t get that type of coverage locally, things stay fairly quiet.