Spring Two Deep/Roster so far?

Haven’t been able to find either. Curious how we should look this season so far through spring.

Probably isn’t one. Usually, 2-deeps aren’t really decided until training camp or closer to the first game.

Ourlads usually updates theirs pretty regularly, but its not ready for next season yet: http://www.ourlads.com/ncaa-football-depth-charts/depth-chart/houston/90659

My guess for the spring game (with little knowledge and only going off what I’ve heard and read so far and accounting for injuries):

WR - Bonner : Corbin
WR - Stevenson (although he may be injured) : Mark
WR - Dunbar : Lark/Leday
LT - J.Jones : B.Jones
LG - Eloph : Murphy
C - Fontana : Deshotel
RG - Oliver : Williams/Wooten
RT - Rodgers : B.Jones
TE - Brooker : Leslie
QB - Allen : McClendon
RB - Catalon : Birden/Carr

DE - Thurman : Fleming
NT - Oliver : Carter
DE - Vaughan : Jenkins
OLB - Egbule : Godfrey
ILB - Adams : Milburn/Robinson
ILB - Hines : Fruge
OLB - Harvey Jr : Brown
CB - Winchester : Smith
S - Davis : Wilder
S - T.Williams : K.Williams
CB - Smith : Johnson

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Good work Pray. For me the two guys that really need to step up are Winchester and Garrett Davis. I can see Davis losing his job to Wilder if he does not improve a good amount. Not as worried about the LBs since the D-Line should be so strong.

I wonder if Johnson can push for that starting CB position. He has the tools, he just needs the exposure. Winchester needs to make a big leap this year, I agree on that. Also, a big area of concern for me is who will replace the production of Bowser as rushing OLB?

On offense, I think the OLine takes a big leap forward, and I think Catalon has the production that we expected from him originally. I see him having a productive year (1000yd rushing level) if he can avoid the injury bug.


We do have two linemen inured right now. If they come back 100% I think you’re right about the OL getting better.

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Thanks pray!

Ehhh. Winchester.

Folks may not realize this but,if Winchester does not make that tackle on the second last play of the game sgainst Tulsa, we probably lose that game.
Yes he whiffed against Cincinnati, but guess what… We freaking won tha game
the reason we lost to Navy. SMU and Memphis was due to turnovers simple.
Winchester will be fine and great for our D,

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