Spring workouts

(Jimmy Morris) #1

Does anyone think the players will be talking about the coaches not yelling this spring? Our winning record was definitely about having more talent than most of the teams we beat. The missed tackles, dead ball penalties, dropped balls and missed blocking assignments (OL, TEs, WRs and RBs) were happening much more this year than the previous couple of years. I think coaches will do a lot more yelling. At least I hope they do.

(Patrick) #2

Discipline should be emphasized. Not to the extent it was under our former coach, but it should be a focal point.

(CoogNation_14) #3

I want us to be more aggressive and attack more both on offense and defense.

(Patrick) #4

I think we might see more aggressiveness and attacking as this coaching group brings in its players and the 2015 class grows older. Coaches have to feel comfortable with their players and vice versa and you could tell there was a lot of feeling out this year.

(PortlandCoog) #5

Seems to be mental and discipline, we played down to our competition. It’s not talent for sure.

We didn’t get blown out once this season and were in every game. But we lacked that 10% extra needed to win the close ones and we most decidedly didn’t show up against inferior competition. That’s mental and coaching.


For sure we need to cut down on the dead ball fouls, which are totally preventable.

I really, really wish and hope we are healthy in the spring and stay that way to start the season.

(PMM) #7

Do you actually believe that “aggressive” is in CMA’s vocabulary ?

(PMM) #8

Tulsa !!

(Eric Prado) #9

Did you watch the Louisville game last year?

(PMM) #10

Yes…what is your point ?

(Eric Prado) #11

Major called the plays that game. But I guess it wasn’t aggressive enough for you.

(PMM) #12

That game was dominated by an aggressive DEFENSE…CMA doesn’t do defense !

I do recall a double pass that he may have been involved in.

(Eric Prado) #13

Lol ok dude. I guess we win even though the offense doesn’t score.

You’re a stark anti-Applewhite fan. Nothing will change your mind. Enjoy the next couple of years with Applewhite at the helm.

(steve saxenian) #14

We definitely need more yelling by the coaches

(Mike Higdon) #15

One can be emphatic without yelling, and if what one is yelling doesn’t properly instruct the player, it is wasted effort. A coach needs to understand how each kid is motivated and yelling doesn’t work on that many.

(Larry) #16

Yes I want successful, experienced coaches hired before the spring to replace the former GA’s who coached this year. The former GA’s and inexperienced coaches may be great young men but successful veteran coaches are more capable of making “in game adjustments”, have bigger bags of tricks, and understand the commitment needed to keep play at a consistently high level. Experience is an incredible teacher. CMA’s success ultimately depends on the quality of players we recruit and the ability coaches to coach up those players. This has been my biggest gripe all year. When you hire inexperienced employees your organization suffers. UH is too high quality of a football program to put this type of coach on the sideline/ booth. IMO often our poor play was a result of the poor coaching or lack of coaching adjustments.

(Al) #17

Hard to understand why so many complainers continue to buy tickets. Nothing satisfies you. Wins are lucky. Coaching is never enough. Players are all super skilled but badly coached. Facilities suck or are misplaced. Big donors run the program and don’t know what they are doing (as opposed to little donors who do.) TF and RK don’t have a clue. Warm beer and too expensive.

Just quit. Go somewhere, anywhere else. Can’t you ever enjoy a win? Sheeesh. Get a life.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #18

For you locals, you should take the time to go watch the spring game. And for those who attend games regularly, soak up the 2018 campaign.

It’s gonna be a good one and the last time you’ll see Big Ed sporting UH colors.

Let’s make it a great 2017 bowl game, go strong into the spring and get ready for 2018. Remember, for us here it’s a program not a coach. It’s an investment not a trade. It’s our Alma Mater, not a bandwagon.

Go Coogs

(Eric Prado) #19

Couldn’t say it better myself

(Alan Tran) #20

“Eyes up!” Applewhite yelled. “Who are you? Get out…I don’t even know who you are. Get out. GET OUT!”

The player reluctantly rose and exited the practice field. As he walked away, Applewhite emphasized the basic attention he expects.

“It’s real simple, you come sit in my office, I’m going to look you dead in the eyes, show you respect,” Applewhite told the team. “I’m going to listen to you. Make sense? It goes both f—ing ways. Get your eyes up.”