Staffordcoogs yearly prediction 2000

Sep 19 (Sat) 11 a.m. Away Baylor Waco, TX :-1:

Sep 26 (Sat) TBA Home North Texas Houston, Texas (TDECU Stadium) :+1:

Oct 8 (Thu) 6:30 p.m. Home Tulane Houston, Texas (TDECU Stadium) :+1:

Oct 16 (Fri) 8:30 p.m. Home BYU Houston, Texas (TDECU Stadium) :-1:

Oct 24 (Sat) TBA Away Navy Annapolis, Md. :+1:

Oct 31 (Sat) TBA Home UCF Houston, Texas (TDECU Stadium) :+1:

Nov 7 (Sat) TBD Away Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio :+1:

Nov 14 (Sat) TBD Home USF Houston, Texas (TDECU Stadium) :+1:

Nov 21 (Sat) TBD Away SMU Dallas, Texas :+1:

Nov 28 (Sat) TBD Home Tulsa Houston, Texas (TDECU Stadium) :+1:

??? --------------------Home Rice Houston, Texas (TDECU Stadium) :+1: if played

??? --------------------Home Memphis Memphis, Tenn (Liberty Bowl) :-1: if played

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That would be a heckuva turnaround. I certainly think that’s possible with all the new talent plus returning experience. But with an unfriendly schedule, I am a little bit more tempered in my optimism. I have us at 6-4 (assuming the Rice and Memphis games don’t get played).


I predict that we’ll beat either BYU or Baylor, or both.


Okay law…I think it’s about time for you to post the Polly Train…I have my ticket and am ready to board😃

PS: It’s hokey, but always fun with the graphics


The polly train to Waco has a special promotion consisting of an automatic free boarding pass to all bona fide coogfans!!!



Will there be social distancing?

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9 and 3 would be good if right

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TOOT! TOOT! Let’s hear it for the pollys. I like the vibes of 10-2, which speaks very well for progress. I think that this team will surprise us all. GO COOGS!


Choo Choo !!! :steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive: Ten and Two !!!
Go Coogs !!!:paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

(It rhymes, okay ?!:smiley:)

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I predict we will go undefeated. I can’t give a number since we don’t know how many games will actually be played.


I’d take 9-3 all day long. Would be a heck of a turn-around and would be a big help on the recruiting front. Go Coogs !

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The only game I see as an almost certain loss is BYU. We have the advantage of playing them at home. They have the advantage of being older, larger and really good.

Don’t think so. Navy is obviously not very good (at least at this point in the season). Your argument would support Texas bring “back” after wholloping a hapless UTEP squad.
By the time we play BYU, both teams will be playing to the middle.
Toss up game.

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Size-wise we match up much better against BYU than Navy did.

We should play Navy the same way that BYU did: lean on those big hogs up front, and hand the ball off to Porter and company for big yardage…then hit Marquez in space.

When we play BYU, our front seven had better be ready.

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I’m really excited about the speed we have at WR this year. If the OL can hold up and Tune’s timing is good, we should be able to wreck opposing secondaries.

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We lose at SMU. They have our number.

BYU is not as good as they looked
Navy is not as bad as they looked. Though playing catch-up all season might be tough


They DONT have our number… we beat them, they beat us…Summie beat them, Levine beat them, Herman beat them, Apple dumpling beat them and Holgerson played them well last year with an inferior team. We wont be inferior this year.


VP seconds the word of the President! No 14 - 0 this year…but goal to win all. ALLAboard!

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