Starting 5 for Saturday?

(Jimmy Morris) #1

Coach clearly said he would not mess with the starting lineup “until” we have lost a game. The current starting lineup is 15-1 so those that support keeping it that way, especially if it’s the coach, I have zero problem with that. So this is not a petition, or a thread to bash players. Just a thread of who you would like to see get a chance to start.

My dream team:

My prediction:

(Nick K) #2

brady was a monster vs temple…
he is my number 1 starter for being a baller vs temple
robinson runs the point better than anyone else and made 3 pointers
jarreau, he brings a rob gray element to the game (not as dependable yet but has the vision and potential)
Hinton, comes to play and scores
i’ll reward davis for the end of game effort but he has to play like that from the starting whistle or he sits.

(David) #3

All my opinion of course:

  1. Hinton and Jarreau off the bench are a nice spark of offense
  2. Pairing up Gresham and Jarreau off the bench makes sense as they are comfortable with each other (alley oops are coming when they are together)
  3. I don’t think White is ready to log that many minutes and you need his jumper to be more automatic before he gets starter minutes.
  4. Brooks / Davis are the best shooters and should be in the starting line up. If Brooks isn’t careful though I could see Hinton taking his place by the end of the year for his defensive intensity.

(Tom Green) #4

So your dream team has one 3 pt shooter-Davis. CKS whole plan is to eventually have 4 outside shooters and a big man underneath.

(Randy Randel) #5

You didn’t really just say Corey Davis should not start, did you?

(Tom Green) #6

Maybe some fans want to win 5-4. Defense defense!! :joy::joy:

(Jimmy Morris) #7

You might not know this but Davis is not only our top scorer but he also might our best defender among the guards. You rarely see the guy he is covering get wide open looks or offensive boards.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

Have two questions.

  1. What makes Armoni a 3 point shooter but Hinton is not? Can’t be precentage because Galen has the highest percentage and you aren’t counting him.

  2. You mention 3 point shooters but then say Sampson wants 4 “outside” shooters. Are you sure he means 4 three point shooters and are you also sure he wants his point guard and a big man shooting a bunch of 3’s? I’m 100% sure he didn’t recruit White to exclusively play low post or to be an “outside” shooter.


Hinton has made 9 3’s this year and is shooting 23% from behind the arc. Brooks has made 55 3’s and is shooting 38% from 3.

That can’t be a serious question.

Your favorite 3 point shooter to diss, Alley, is shooting the same percentage as Hinton from 3 with more makes (16).

I’m a big fan of Nate. He’s going to be really, really good. Starting him over Brooks right now would be nuts.

(Tom Green) #10

I know you watch or attend the games as I do. You can’t just go buy the % Sir, it’s the respect a shooter gets and being able to spread the court is what makes it work. If you honestly feel GR or NH are better 3 pt shooters than AB than we do see things quite a bit differently. There’s a reason Teams dare GR to shoot 3 n back off bec they refuse to let Brooks n Davis beat them w wide open looks. Hinton at his stage n development as College player is coming out if he starts throwing up 25 ft 3 pt shots, whereas Brooks has earned that right based on his first 2 yrs showing he can make enough to shoot them.

(Jimmy Morris) #11

Last time I respond to you because you pick and choose and bring up old arguments in which we already hashed out.

Take out Alley’s best game 5 of 8 and his worst 0-4 and you are left with
9 of 56 for 0,161. You obviously haven’t taken my advice on watching his form. No good three point shooter has a stance like his. I’ve also mentioned two other times that Alley doesn’t even practice 3’s with the other outside shooters. Hinton does. I guarantee you by the end of the season, Hinton’s 3 point percentage will be much higher than Alley’s.

(Tom Green) #12

He wants his Big man(Gressham, Brady) to play underneath like I said. White is a 4 n yes his goal is to be able to have his 4 be able to hit 3s.


But you didn’t pick and choose what to argue with this post considering that my main point was how utterly ludicrous it is to compare Hinton’s shooting to Armoni’s and I just threw in that Alley is basically shooting the same percentage as Nate to drive home the point? The old argument is “Should Alley be shooting 3’s” which is not a point I’m bringing up. You also brought up Galen vs. Armoni for shooting a whopping 0.8% higher from 3 than Armoni does, even though he’s made 39 less threes on the season and his looks are nothing like the looks Armoni takes.

And since you want to throw out someone’s best game, if you throw out Hinton’s best game yesterday going 3 for 5 he’s 6 for 33 for the season, which is 18%.

I’ve watched both of their forms. Hinton is often off balance when he shoots 3’s as well and has missed many very badly. Sometimes his form looks fine. Neither of their strokes look anywhere close to Armoni’s or Corey’s. Maybe he fixes his shot quicker than Ced does and gets to 30+% by the end of the season. We’ll see. I envision it happening more next season.

(srassen7) #14

He will not change the line up. Book it.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

See this is what you do. I threw out Alley’s best and worst. Just ignoring you from now on.

(Tom Green) #16

I’m just glad you n I are good Shaggy. Need go bed soon :grin::wink:


My bad. I missed the “worst” part. Hinton is 6 for 29 shooting 20.6% from 3 with your selective data set analysis method. Vastly superior to Alley at 16.1% and definitely proves your point comparing him to Brooks who is at 37.9% with 41 more makes using your method.

Do you think the NCAA tourney committee and AP voters should throw out every team’s best and worst game as well since that’s just noise?

You can ignore me if you want. I’ll still call you out on BS when I see it and am inclined.

(JohnnyCougar) #18


(Nick K) #19

i like davis, he is the best defender and at times best scoring option but he seems to take awhile to get going, kinda like a locomotive. maybe he would better of the bench for now, once the game gets going and the pressure in the room rises he gets going and at times is unstoppable. it just seems like he needs help getting into top gear.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #20

One reason Alley stays in the starting lineup is because of the defense he has played. He hustles and can swith everything.

My guess is next season White And Alley start and come off the bench with Gresham and Gorham.

Brooks, Davis and Robinson will be starting until they graduate. Jarreau and Hinton will take their turn next season.