State of the Roster - Post Signing Day

Been wanting to do a look at the 2017 roster after signing day. This won’t be a projection of who will start or who will stay/go, just a look at what we have at each position entering spring training camp. I will include scholarship signees, but I won’t include walk-ons that aren’t already on the roster as their status can change rapidly.

Projected Offense
Those under scholarship will be in Bold

QB (6 holdovers, 1 signee, 6 scholarships used)
Kyle Postma (SR), Kyle Allen (JR), Bear Fenimore (JR), Mason McClendon (JR), D’Eriq King (SO), Bowman Sells (FR)
Signee: Bryson Smith

RB (9 holdovers, 1 signee, 5 scholarships used)
Dillon Birden (SR), Duke Catalon (JR), Kaliq Kokuma (JR), Blake Hirsch (JR), Kevrin Justice (SO), Mulbah Car (SO), Josh Burrell (SO), Patrick Carr (SO), Chandler Smith (FR)
Signee: Davion Ford

WR (12 holdovers, 1 signee, 9 scholarships used)
Steven Dunbar (SR), Linell Bonner (SR), John Leday (SR), Derek McLemore (SR), Isaiah Johnson (JR), Kinte Hatton (JR), Terry Mark (SO), Marquez Stevenson (SO), Keith Corbin (SO), Courtney Lark (SO), Colton Cerday (SO), Keisland Smalls (FR)
Signee: Jeremy Singleton

TE (3 holdovers, 1 signee, 4 scholarships used)
Alex Leslie (SR), Chris Johnson (SR), Romello Brooker (JR)
Signee: Parker Eichenberger

OL (16 holdovers, 1 signee, 14 scholarships used)
Josh Thomas (SR), Na’Ty Rodgers (SR), Marcus Oliver (SR), Alex Fontana (SR), Mason Denley (JR), Will Noble (JR), Kameron Eloph (JR), Jarrid Williams (SO), Josh Jones (SO), Ryan Deshotel (SO), Braylon Jones (SO), Ryan Hirsch (SO), Dixie Wooten (FR), Keenan Murphy (FR), Kordell Snyder (FR), Cole Miller (FR)
Signee: Dennis Bardwell


Patrick Carr is not on scholarship?

Projected Defense
Those under scholarship will be in Bold

DL (8 holdovers, 4 signees, 10 scholarships used)
Nick Thurman (SR), Jerard Carter (JR), Zach Vaughan (JR), Deandre Smith (JR), DJ Jenkins (SO), Ed Oliver (SO), Aymiel Fleming (SO), Colby Brignac (FR)
Signees: Bryan Jones, Noah Jones, Alexander Duke, Payton Turner

LB (12 holdovers, 5 signees, 14 scholarships used)
Cameron Doubenmier (SR), D’Juan Hines (SR), Nomluis Fruge (SR), Matthew Adams (SR), Rasheed Tynes (SR), Ja’Von Shelley (JR), Emeke Egbule (JR), Khari Dotson (JR), Roman Brown (JR), Jordan Milburn (SO), Leroy Godfrey (SO), Kobe Idumwonyi (SO)
Signees: Amaud Willis Dalton, Derek Parish, David Anenih, Elijah Gooden, Grant Stuard

DB (14 holdovers, 3 signees, 14 scholarships used)
Khalil Williams (SR), Terrell Williams (SR), Austin Robinson (SR), Jeremy Winchester (JR), Garrett Davis (JR), Joeal Williams (JR), Alexander Myres (JR), Darius Gilbert (SO), Michael Eke (SO), Collin Wilder (SO), Javian Smith (SO), Ka’Darian Smith (SO), Patrick Rosette (FR), Grayson Thorburn (FR)
Signees: Tre’Von Bradley, Devodric Bynum, DJ Small


No, they brought him in as a walk-on as they didn’t have any space to give him a scholarship. He might get one this year since we have some available now.

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Projected Special Teams
Those under scholarship will be in Bold

Punter (1 holdover, 0 signees, 1 scholarship used)
Dane Roy (SO)

Kicker (3 holdovers, 1 signee, 1 scholarship used)
Joel Scarbrough (SO), Luke Hogan (FR), Mason Tobola (FR)
Signee: Dalton Witherspoon (SO)

Long Snapper (3 holdovers, 0 signees, 0 scholarships used)
Byron Simpson (SR), Nick Wildeberger (SO), Payton Pardee (SO)

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Totals: 87 holdovers, 21 signees, and 78 scholarships used

We can offer 4 scholarships from this class and CMA has said that he’s looking for grad transfers at OL and CB. Even if he uses all 4, we’d be sitting at 82 scholarships.

We have 17 seniors plus 3 to get us to 85 which equals 20. In order to get 25, we’d have to have some folks leave.

  • I have a feeling that Bear Fenimore will be leaving after the spring as he’ll be getting his degree and be able to grad transfer with 2 years remaining.
  • Garrett Davis has been insinuating that if he has a good year, he may go pro after next year and forego his senior season
  • If Kyle Allen has a good season, he may turn pro
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Huh… Ryan Deshotel was recruited as a TE and moved over the OL. We really ARE week on OL! :confused:


I’m really hoping we can find some good JUCOs at OL or the freshmen from last year are ready to contribute this year. Otherwise, it’s going to be rough going offensively for us.

Throwing out a potential 2-Deep for the spring (or 3-Deep in some cases). H.S. Signees not included.
Starters in Bold:

QB: Kyle Allen, Bowman Sells, Kyle Postma, D’Eriq King
RB: Duke Catalon, Mulbah Car, Patrick Carr
WR: Steven Dunbar, Linell Bonner, Marquez Stevenson, Isaiah Johnson, Keith Corbin, Courntey Lark
TE: Romelo Brooker, Chris Johnson, Alex Leslie
OL: Josh Jones, Marcus Oliver, Will Noble, Mason Denley, Na-Ty Rodgers, Braylon Jones, Alex Fontana, Kameron Eloph, Keenan Murphy, Jarrid Williams
DL: Nick Thurman, Ed Oliver, Jerard Carter, Zach Vaughan, Aymiel Fleming, DJ Jenkins
LB: D’Juan Hines, Matthew Adams, Emeke Egbule, Jordan Milburn, Cameron Doubenmier, Leroy Godfrey, Nomluis Fruge, Roman Brown
CB: Jeremy Winchester, Javian Smith Joeal Williams, Ka’Darian Smith
S: Garrett Davis, Khalil Willams, Terrell Williams, Collin Wilder
K: Dalton Witherspoon, Joel Scarbrough
P: Dane Roy, Kyle Postma?
LS: Byron Simpson, Nick Wikdeberger

Edit to add: Looking at this depth chart, we probably will see immediate impact from our freshmen at DL, LB, and TE if Eichenberger can play. It will be disappointing if one or two of recruits isn’t starting at LB looking at our depth there. If Bryan Jones is as good as advertised, I look for him to take one of the starting spots on the line next to Ed Oliver.

Also, we need to add a CB badly, if nothing else, at least for depth purposes.

Unless Winchester has improved greatly in the offseason, I expect to see a lot of movement here.

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CB is the biggest question mark on the team in my opinion. Very inexperienced and very shaky. I’m not sure any of the recruits will be ready to play right away at CB. Hopefully, CMA can pull in someone that can add depth or start right away.

Also, wouldn’t be surprised if Dillon Birden is moved back to CB as we’ve got depth at RB

Absolutely. Even if Catalon can’t stay healthy this year, Mulbah Carr has a year under this belt and I’ve heard great things about Patrick Carr.

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Wasn’t Birden put on scholarship?

I don’t believe he was. Still a walk-on. Houston offered Birden to play RB. Northwestern State recruited him as a WR, but he turned the scholarship there down because of it.

C​:apple::white_circle: confirmed Spring game for April 15th.

Geez. Nothing against our one OL recruit, but one OL is a pretty pathetic class.

He may be spreading it out. Sophomore’s Can do the work and the guys under can gain weight

Turner will probably move to OL, but they still have him listed as a DE.

CMA said he wanted to get an OL grad transfer if possible.

Even so, our old OL coach really dropped the bill before heading to the Hoosiers.

Let’s just hope the OL coach before Hiller did his job in developing the young guys so they can contribute SOON.

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Let’s hope that our QB has a quick release and can read defenses and find the open man. This along with more speed at WR should help the OL.


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