Status of Football Operations Building

Does anyone know that the status of this project is?

I heard it talked about during Major’s tenure, but haven’t heard much about it since then.

Dana kinda alluded to it recently about doing what over P5’s do in order to attract recruits.

Maybe Big12 money will help?

It was in the 2016 PowerPoint to the B12 as a $60M project slated for Fall 2020.

Now would be a great time to develop some architectural renderings and start the fundraising process.

Would love to see the “Penick Family” name on the Football Development Center.


We should’ve built this building back when Herman wanted it. Now it’s going to be double the price for less and take longer to build.

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Since we are in the B12, I assume this football operations building will move up to the top of the priority list of buildings to build.

I remember they had $40M designated to it but needed $20M more to renovate the Alumni Athletic building after football left. That was in 2016 so I assume the construction cost has gone way up since then.

I bet they will come out with some pretty rendering of it before the end of the year. It will not look the same as the one Applewhite displayed.

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Probably the first thing they will build once we get Big 12 $

Any idea if UH will purchase the area around 3rd ward that’s for sale?

I heard the engineering department is gonna block traffic to it til they get their pavilion back.


We will not get full shares from the B12 for a while and the first partial one will probably be in 2024-25. For recruiting purposes, that building needs to be built as soon as possible.

It is supposed to be built on the west side of the stadium.

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It would be great to see it named the Red Bull Holgy House for Football Operations…


That’s a great idea except take Holgy’s name out. He hasn’t done anything yet. Maybe we can sell the naming rights to the building to get the rest of the cash to build it. I wonder if Pez thought of that.


Just trollin’ the Holgy haters. All in good (or bad) fun.


Continuing my push for stadium canopy! CANOPY…CANOPY! :sunglasses: :parasol_on_ground:


Too bad we don’t get a say, unless we donate enough for them to listen.

Thats what i think is most important right now rather than the operations building. If you want fans in seats put some shade there.


We need ramps to 300 sections. We need concessions and restrooms up there. We need shading. We need to build out press level with more suites.

I’d argue that going to Big 12 means more potential for luxury seating so new operations building needs to include another club area as will as loge boxes and corporate outdoor patio areas


Can you do it in such a way that every TS Nicholas does not threaten to destroy it every football season?


Based on bits and pieces I read, the on building is on the front burner . So hopefully with the Big12 news some larger donors might have a hankering to get it going sooner .

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The B12 invite is going to yield massive changes.

Remember that we built what we have on hope and a vision. Now we have financial substance on the horizon.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we break ground at the end of the season.

Is this an end zone facility? But I agree with the canopy idea. Do it like the Roman colosseum!!! :nerd_face:


Hey I was thinking the same thing. Lol.

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