Steve Magness article: Former Team Members Accuse Famed Coach Alberto Salazar of Breaking Drug Rules

Off Track: Former Team Members Accuse Famed Coach Alberto Salazar of Breaking Drug Rules

And yet, Magness could not revel in the laudatory texts. “It’s supposed to be this grand moment where you played a role in helping someone do something that no one thought was possible, and it’s the complete opposite,” Magness recalls. Instead, it was “one of the most disheartening moments of my life.”

That’s because Magness is convinced that the Oregon Project’s head coach—running icon Alberto Salazar—had achieved the pinnacle of distance running success by cheating.

Salazar was convicted this week.


Thank you for posting Patrick. I was a big fan of Alberto. To see this come true is not good at all. USATF has a lot to answer. An external investigation needs to be done. Is the entire USATF corrupt? It is now more than ever a valid question.
Just apart from Alberto there is this huge Gatlin cloud. How in the world is he able to compete? There is no way that Gatlin could still be at the level that he is at today. He is 37 years old and still run at the same level when he was doping.
The Coleman incident only fuels the doping fire. As talented as Coleman is the Coleman/Gatlin 1-2 finish does not look good.
There are many ways for athletes to cheat. They can get word of when the testing will be.This is common place in the NFL & College. There is also a way to cheat when athletes are ahead of the curve.
One day I was in Mexico on business having lunch. I was speaking to my client when a lady seating next to us engaged us in a conversation. This was during the Armstrong period. She happened to be one of Lance’s trainers. She explained to us that not only is it easy to beat doping tests but it is also common place for trainers to “prepare” natural drinks that are made from plants. These same plants mimic the effect of PED’s. That is why every year you see added plants and derivatives being banned.
Now who is Loren Seagrave, Gatlin’s Coach?
You do a simple online search and it seams all of his athletes have been engaged in doping or controversy. I never heard or read a suspicion(s) of doping with Tom Tellez.
Alberto needs to come clean and fully expose what he knows. This can only help the sport. Cheaters do not deserve a gold medal at the expense of the clean athlete.

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