Steven Dunbar Invited to East-West Shrine Game

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Following the conclusion of his Houston playing career in the Dec. 24 Hawaii Bowl, Steven Dunbar will suit up for one more collegiate game as the wide receiver has been invited to play in the 93rd East-West Shrine Game on Jan. 20 in St. Petersburg, Fla. The game will air at 2 p.m. CT on the NFL Network.

Dunbar is the fifth player from the Houston program in the last five years to be selected to play in the game after B.J. Singleton and Steven Taylor were invited to last year’s game, Joey Mbu was invited to the 2015 game and Richie Leone was invited to the 2014 game.


Steven Dunbar praise via Matt Waldman


Will Bonner get invited anywhere. Most likely he will be an undrafted free agent.

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Will depend on his pro day.

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WR Steven Dunbar (Houston): If I were to list three players with the best chance of earning an invitation to Mobile after this week based on their film, Jackson, Dunbar, and the player listed below are my trio. Listed at 6’3″, 202 pounds I’ve been told that Dunbar will be arriving in great physical condition. Based on his recent tape, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has 10-12 more pounds of muscle than the figure I just quoted. A polished prospect by college standards, Dunbar struck me as a diligent worker at the craft of his position. Someone who knows recently confirmed my thoughts. Dunbar lacks a top gear and it’s not a make-or-break situation for my evaluations. However, I want to see him separate from defenders during the first 10-15 yards of the line of scrimmage during the week of practice. If he does, I won’t be as concerned as others who may see his 40-time as a vital layer of information.

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Dunbar scores TD late on impressive catch.
Had a good week, impressed a lot of scouts.

Game Winning catch!


Called out by Mike Mayock at the end of the broadcast for an excellent game and week. Great hard working young man. I so hope he makes a roster.

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The victory doesn’t always go to the fleetest of foot, but to the one skilled at running routes and making catches.


It was nice to see Shimonek paired up with him. I’m sure it was just coincidence but Shimonek likely had a feel for Dunbar from seeing him earlier this year.

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