Still no US flag flying at TDECU :/

There is still no US flag inside TDECU. I do not understand why this has been so hard to fix. Install a flagpole in the gap area of the stadium! I find this so disappointing. We have so many alumni and students who are in the military or retired, not to mention the ones who have bravely lost their lives defending this country, which is even more of a reason the flag needs to be flying! I have tweeted Pez, Tilman, and Kator on the issue. I urge you all to do the same!


Thought they were supposed to add it this year.


I agree - It would also be nice to have flags for the conference foes across the top of the stadium. With that said Old Glory is for and symbolizes all Americans - not just veterans.



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Agree! My take is because of all the military presence at our university, it is even more of reason the flag should be flying!

Fly the damn flag!!!

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Conference flags are flying at the stadium.

We need 3 flags flying for every game, U.S., Texas, and UH.



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I’d add the City of Houston flag as well; helps the whole Houston’s University image.


There is one right there in front of the student entrance…


That is where they are located. Seen them every year.

Thank you. It’s odd how people accept something as fact which is clearly debunked. Fake outrage.


They should be flying where they can be seen inside the stadium. To me flying them outside where nobody can see them, especially during the anthem is a cop-out of an excuse. The baseball, softball, and tennis courts have the US flag viewable on the field, even the Hoff had Old Glory flying inside the arena. Yet the biggest sporting venue we have doesn’t have the flag (Only a flag streetside at the entrance of TDECU). I do not think this is an unreasonable thing to ask of the university.


They bring a flag on the field for the national anthem. You said there isn’t a flag and then said there isn’t a flag that you can see. Those are two different things.

So forget all the violence on the field, head injuries etc. You’re good with all that , but you need a flag.

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Boy that was well said!

Pezman still needs some more time to shed that Berkeley mentality.


The flag shouldn’t be an object of worship, as it is just a symbol. IMHO, too much nationalistic fervor at sporting events. If we didn’t play the national anthem, I’d be okay with that. The Cougar Band today did a great job - simple and respectful. What else could the occasion possibly require? I’m a veteran and tooting the patriotic horn at all these events is so unnecessary.


Not fake outrage. It’s a fake problem. We actually do have flags around the stadium but most folks haven’t seen them.
Stand for the flag. Kneel for the Cross.


Man some of your guys really crack me up. I’ve seen people wear flag drawers and complain about other not respecting the flag, which is only a symbol. Let’s just try to respect each other and live our lives respectfully.


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