Streaming tonight's celebration

I wonder how many were streaming.

If, and I know its a big if, he came back, he’s getting that jersey retired for sure!


Sampson is encouraging him to go, so why would he come back?

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Win a natty? Morning walks down Cullen Blvd? Moody cafeteria? Lol who knows. Hes almost certainly gone but until he makes his decision you never know. He’s a Cougar legend one way or another.

Right…But if Sampson is telling him to go the NBA, I don’t expect him to come back. I think they will close Moody cafeteria by the way.

They plan on tearing down moody and making some new dorms in its place which is great!

Long overdue.


Pretty exciting.
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I’m sure what CKS had advised Q to do is to make the best decision for himself. I think for most people that means moving on and starting his pro career. However, its up to Q to decide for himself what the best decision really is. If for whatever reason he gets it in his mind that he’d like to come back for one more run, CKS and the rest of Coog nation will welcome him with open arms. Smart money says he’s gone obviously, but if you lay me 100-1 odds, I’ll put a 10 bucks on him coming back lol


Awesome event. So glad I went out, despite the garage snafu

Sylvester Turner and Renu were awesome. Then of course Kelvin was amazing. Can’t wait for next year.


No but here is a vid from last night


I thought enough people showed up to make it a decent crowd. If I was a player I wouldn’t have thought the crowd was sparse given we are still in COVID-19 protocols. Also, I haven’t seen it posted but it is University of Houston Cougar Basketball month all month long in the city of Houston!


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