Stuck at 6 by 1 vote

UW is number 5 by one vote.

Horse crap!!! Oh well. Washington will lose soon enough.

By one point! Bastards! We need to DESTROY louisville.

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Actually, we need to destroy Navy, Tulsa, SMU, UCF and Tulane FIRST !!!


So I guess this is the time of year where we start getting jumped over in the polls :frowning:

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Good. Love the no respect card. It will motivate us through the rest of the season. Going to need extra motivation these next 5 weeks. Our schedule is crap…

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Here is two points. The only guy that still gave UT a top 25 vote also moved us back to 7. If he voted us at 5, we would have been 5th.

I wonder if he is a UT grad.

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The writer who voted for UT and us at #7, Matt Porter, is a Yankee from Boston. … And a dolt.

LB Navy!!!

Washington hasn’t played anyone except Stanford.

True but their win over Stanford was more dominating than our win over Oklahoma. Right now there isn’t enough of an argument to say Oklahoma is better than Stanford so Washington’s win was more impressive than ours.

Our wins over Cinci and uconn are more impressive than their other wins.

I’m not going to debate. We beat a highly ranked team and jumped to 6th. Washington spanked a highly ranked team and jumped to 5th. The voting is virtually tied and the AP poll doesn’t determine the playoffs. Washington’s next 5 games are Oregon, Oregon State, Utah, Cal. and USC. Our next 5 games are Navy, Tulsa, SMU, UCF and Tulane. Going into the Louisville game if us and Washington were both still undefeated, do you think we would still deserve to be ahead of them?

But you weren’t going to debate right? Not that i disagree.

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Washington is on an 8 game win streak going back to last year. Those wins came against;

Oregon State (0-12 against the FBS in their last 12 games)
Washington State (lost to an FCS team this year)
Southern Miss in a bowl game
Rutgers (the epitome of suck)
Idaho (worse than Rutgers)
Portland State
Arizona (barely beat Grambling)
Stanford (a solid win)

We’re also on an 8 game win streak. Our wins came against;

#21 Navy
#17 Temple
#9 Florida State in the Peach Bowl
#4 Oklahoma to start the year
Texas State

We deserve to be ahead of the Huskies but apparently past success only matters if you’re a P5 member.


We’re still the sexiest no-loss Cinderella. I like our positioning. Instead of trying to figure out how we move upwards in to position, we just have to figure out how to maintain. Fortunately, that is completely in our hands…instead of like last year when there was no way anyone was going to move us up enough.

We would kill Washington.


U-Dub beat Zona on the road but it took OT. We beat a similarly rated Cinci on the road and ended up doing it by a wide margin.

They beat a #85 rated Rutgers at home by 35. We beat #101 UConn at home by 28.

We’re similarly rated. We have a 3/4ths shot at beating Navy. Wanna roll the dice for that 1/4th chance? Need to take care of business this week. The Aggy/UTK winner may jump us as well. Winning out and beating UofL is the key.

In the latest AP poll we have 1233 points. That is ten fewer than we had in the first AP poll after our victory over Oklahoma.

it should work out in the end, the splash that will come late in the season by beating a top 10 loserville will overshadow the washington pac 12 not another team ranked in the top 25 schedule. excepting utah which might get two shots at beating the huskies, regular season game and pac 12 champ game .

the winner of the ut atm game could jump us but they will eventually need to play bama…
ohio state and michigan playing will knock one out
clemson still needs to play fsu…maybe they get thier act together by then, or maybe north carolina can find it within them to beat clemson.

i think it’s our destiny, and we will be in the playoff…i know who won’t be there …big 12, hahahaha

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