Student Ticket Allotment for SMU sells out again

(Patrick) #1

Students continue to show up. 1K extra tickets released:

(CoogNation_14) #2

That is great to hear! The 6pm time really helps. The positive thing about these close games is that we are like the NFL, any given …Saturday.

(Dustin K) #3

The more of those students that turn into season ticket holders after graduation, the healthier our fan base will be.

(Cristian) #4

we just have to be supportive no matter what. Win ugly or Lose beautifully.

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

Great!! we need em! We need every one!

(Patrick) #6

(Eric Prado) #7

Being a student during the Sumlin era definitely taught me how to be a good alumni supporter. When I attended my first game as an alumni in 2015 I was annoyed that the alumni section didn’t stand for the entire game. My friend who I attended the games with then and now plan on sneaking over to the student section for a game this season.

Its fair to say I’m critical of older alumni.

(J V ) #8

Sit down!

I can’t read your post. Lol…

(Richie Cunningham) #9

Bear In Mind those (we) so-called “older alumni” carried this program, along with hoops and baseball, in both attendance and financial support, through the good times and the many lean years, (before you were born), and we aren’t as youthful ( read: foolish) as recent graduates RE: standing all game long. We are long standing, battle tested, faithful Coogs, who pay a lot of money to UH to sit our old butts in expensive seats between the 20 yard lines. Don’t sit with us if you can’t handle that!

Your “stand for stand sake” mindset works well 90 miles up Hwy. 6 at FarmerU.

(Eric Prado) #10

Lol hey man as long as you can bring this fire to the games Im good! Thanks for sticking through the tough times.

(J V ) #11

There is a balance and there is some respect involved too.

Those older alums did carry the flag when you had to practically bribe students. Think the 90s.

In our section and I am talking a group of 25 we stand most of the game. However, we are considerate there are three older alum season ticket holders right behind us. The first season they would grumble about not being able to see or say down in front.

We never really thought about their enjoyment of the game. After all, they did pay for their seats too. We got wrapped up in our game experience and didn’t think of theirs. So we started talking to them. And if the team is at the far end of the field from us we try to sit or try to sit on defense unles it’s third down.

It is a balance and it lets us all enjoy the game. We love having them behind us. We think of them as part of our group they high 5 with us now and have shared some cool stories.

Again, it is about balance and respect. I tell them every game if we are out of line to just tell us. No more down in fronts or grumbling and we are better for it.

(Dustin K) #12

Yea, we’re all there for the same reason just keep that in mind. :slight_smile: Though it does remind me of when some students wouldn’t move during the opening game at TDECU Stadium because “they paid for this stadium”. Mind you, this was in the young alumni section where we all helped pay for the stadium too. Now it wasn’t totally the students fault that they were told to find a seat anywhere but they could have been nicer about it when people who bought the tickets for those seats showed up.

(A.R. ) #13

Speaking of older alumni “sitting” in their expensive seats - I would just like someone to be in those seats a little more often regardless if your sitting or standing. I appreciate their support of our athletic department but do get disappointed sitting on the visitor side and seeing so many empties. I will be upgrading my seats when my young alumni plan expires but will be looking for the best seats in the lower bowl visitor side because of how often they stand, how loud they get, and the # of people who show up!!!

Go coogs!!