Students claim their allotment for Memphis

(Patrick) #1

Students are still showing up (or at least claiming all the tickets). Lot of tickets available for others, though:

(J V ) #2

They should give them more.

(Patrick) #3

There are plenty to give

They do allow students to get tickets prior to the game on Gameday if they show up to the ticket office and tickets are available. Department has said that no student has been turned away so far.

(J V ) #4

They should announce all night classes will be held in TDECU…lol


Hopefully, we can keep those fans in the fold. They definitely make a difference.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

Then the students may outnumber the alumni for the Memphis game. :sweat:

(Thomas Hitchcock) #7

Students are great!

(Chris) #8

The AD has to find a special way to thank the students for their efforts and their support. This is very important for what we are trying to build. They are our future.

(Al) #9

**This - Students! Sure hope we see a huge crowd.

This is our future. Let them all in!

(Butch) #10

I would expect a crowd of around 30k…depending on how many students show up. It is a Thursday game and since the Cougar Nation bubble has once again been burst I think 30K would be a decent game for a game being shown on the tube…


Attendance for SMU in 2015 on a Thursday night was a little over 28k. That’s about where I would peg this one.

(norb) #12

No student should be turned away ever at TDECU, since they paid for it. Whether they wanted to or not.


Doubtful. Empty seats will outnumber humans.

(shharper01) #14

only problem is that we have 50k students and 40k seats.

(Brad) #15

I’m guessing 10-15K butts in seats.


Agree with you qwanseeker. 15K is probably stretching.


And the students usually leave the game early to drink, get high, and bump uglies. Not a bad plan, actually.