Successful head football coaches leaving UH

(PortlandCoog) #1

Seem to face certain doom. Stay at UH when you have it good/going on coaches! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They will not learn.

You can bet Applewhite will be moving on if we have success.

Just how it goes. Gary Patterson is not happening at UH.

Doesn’t matter though. UH is more than a coach. We have great players in the Houston area that get overlooked and come here and show out.

(jimmyschofield) #3

Why won’t a Gary Patterson happen here? I’m sure their fans thought the same.

(shharper01) #4

Become P5 and it will happen here.

Top 10 ranking and Peach Bowl win are more than any other TX team has achieved since Manziel’s Cotton Bowl win.


We are the best P6 school for coaches looking to move up to P5 competition.

(Monte P Gilliam) #6

you can bet he WONT! God, what a bunch of whiners…Apple is a perfect fit here, and he will ride success right into PAC 12 in a few years…Open your eyes and look at what happens to EVERY coach who leaves here…It isnt pretty.

(Mike Higdon) #7

I don’t know what CMA will do, or how he will do. I know his contract will protect us should he leave; his new team will be paying our next coach for a while.

It may be wishful thinking, but I kind of think CMA is a different breed of cat. Of course it may be hard for him to turn down his alma mater should they come calling after the fire LTH.


Gary Patterson staying at TCU as long as he has is as much about luck as it is about loyalty. Let’s go year-by-year here:

2001 – In Patterson’s first year, he follows up a conference championship run by going 6-6 with a loss in the Bowl. Nobody would have wanted him.

2002 – He wins the C-USA title and Liberty Bowl, but again, he went 6-6 the previous year. His career record is 16-8; hardly world-beating, especially given that he inherited a conference champion.

2003 – Only four AQ jobs come open, and one of them is Duke – at that point, the worst team in all of college football. Nebraska goes with former Raiders coach Bill Callahan.

2004 – Patterson goes 5-6, missing a bowl game. Not exactly the kind of record you want to sell to your fanbase.

2005 – Only 4 AQ jobs come open. For various reasons, all choose to pass on the TCU coach.

2006 – TCU goes 10-2. Only 4 AQ jobs open, and none of them are in Texas.

2007 – TCU goes 7-5, and falls to 5th in a bad MWC. Baylor hires Art Briles, who, at this point, has a better resume (though not a better record) over the last 3 years.

2008 – Gary Patterson agrees to a contract with Kansas State, only for the deal to fall apart at the 11th hour.

2009 – TCU makes their first BCS Bowl, 9 years into Patterson’s tenure. 10 months later, TCU accepts an invite to the Big East. It’s reasonable to assume Patterson would have known this was going to happen.

Gary Patterson wasn’t Gary Freakin’ Patterson until TCU was about ready to accept an invite to the Big East. Early in his career, he had a couple of black marks on his record that might have gotten him fired at a school like today’s UH – how would this board react if Applewhite went 6-5 this year and lost the bowl game?