Sumlin gone from aTm


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Kevin Sumlin let go at Texas A&M. @BrentZwerneman has been all over story for weeks. Follow him for updates.

(J V ) #2

Does he get to keep the swagcopter?

(Katie) #3

I’d take him back if it meant we could get rid of Major


SwagCopter is dead


Can’t wait to see Aggie fan self combust next year when they go 8-5…who does less with more ? Farmers or Whorns? I’m going with Ags as they’ve had TWO years with more than 9 wins in last 20 years…blue blood Top 10 program my a$$


Kevin Sumlin and his accountant after Texas A&M informed him he was fired.


That might be Jimbo Fisher and his accountant


I can’t see A&M paying 40 million to get Jimbo, until proven otherwise I still say Bob Stoops has been the play all along with his abrupt retiring before the season. Anyone less than them two and the Aggies look like…Aggies.


Randy McIlvoy at Channel 2 is reporting Jimbo to A&M per his sources


No way - he can just take his atm money and retire!

(Chris) #11

I do not want to see him or judas anywhere close to our campus.

(Brian C) #14

True. But, at least, we would have some sort of buzz going on. We need to market Ed heavily for the Heisman next year and this dude can assist with that.

I know it won’t happen, and not saying I want it, but we need something marketable next year to prevent the continuation of the boring 2017 campaign.


A&M may find that going 8-4 or 7-5 in the SEC West isn’t such a bad year, as time goes by. They have some real issues recruiting kids to a place like College Station, and they’re in a very tough division in a tough conference. Not saying Sumlin did a great job or anything (though I think he did OK), but the Aggies may be close to entering the delusional zone as to their expectations on a year-to-year basis. If they’re not careful, and mess up a couple of coaching hires, they could wake up and be Tennessee.


Winning games should take care of any boredom. Certainly not an award that Oliver is not ever going to get.


We should set aside a suite for the coaches that left us high and dry and are now fired. They can sit and watch what they walked away from and day dream. Two seats are taken with Briles and Sumlin. Who is next?

(J V ) #18

Kim Helton and Dana Dimel get seats?


The Aggie performance versus UCLA was a poorly coached team. I did not watch
any other games.

(Brian C) #20

You are absolutely right. I’ve told many Aggies, who hate to agree with this, but the worst thing to happen to ATM lately was Manziel. He made these guys think they are a prime time program, and they have traditionally been mediocre, at best.

They hate to hear it, but they reluctantly agree.

(David) #21

He also made them think they could compete in the SEC West. That was the biggest impact Johnny Football had on that program. Going into the SEC, most were resigned to the fact that it would take a while to be competitive in their division and then Johnny had to go and beat Alabama on the road. Got Summie paid but raised the expectations to unrealistic levels.

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