Sumlin looking for a job in 2018?

(Jason) #1

Looks like the Aggies are looking for a change.


Oh Aggies…

(Kyle) #3

I’ve been busting their chops around my workplace… LMFAO!


Please let him go to a team we play.

(PMM) #5

I thought the NFL was his next stop.

(itcoog) #6

Jimbo ??? Really?


they’ll end up with Chad Morris

(Marcus) #8

Two things here:

  1. Jimbo Fisher is rumored to jump from FSU almost every year and never does.
  2. If you’re going to date a Candi with an I (and you probably shouldn’t), do NOT marry her.


Probably see Sumlin in one of the AAC openings, UCF? SMU? I think the other conference jobs will be filled or at least spoken for by the end of the year

(zx504) #10

“they’ll end up with Chad Morris”

---------I sure hope so!!! Guarantee 4 more years of misery for the Ags and then another $10M buyout!!!

(Jerrycoog) #11

They were going after James Franklin a couple weeks ago , and now Penn St has lost a couple games and thats changed.


Aggies are bunch of minions looking for their next leader.


I hear Nick Saban’s wife has been house hunting in college station.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he went the way of Les Miles.


Aggies should consider Dan Mullen. He is 68-45 at Miss State. They narrowly lost against Bama last week. If he can turn around the Starkville program with limited resources, then how much better could he do at College Station with unlimited resources.


The GAggies are delusional, actually believe they are a true 100% Blue Blood Top 5 program that should be winning NC. With all their $$$ and resources they’ve managed a huge grand total of TWO seasons with more than 9 wins since breakup of the SWC.

(Rick) #17

Well said,


The last time A&M won a conference championship was in 1998. There are no freshmen that were even alive the last time A&M won a conference championship.

Since the breakup of the SWC (1995), the Aggies have 10 or more wins in a season twice.

Sumlin should get another job. His 6 years were the best 6 years the Aggies have had since the breakup of the SWC and he did it against the best competition in college football.

(John Simpson) #19

Don’t tease me. That would be a dream come true. Les and the Aggies!


I wasn’t wishing ATM would hire Les (that would be sweet) but that Sumlin would fade into oblivion.