just wondering, i still have a little bit of pinned up hatred for Sumlin. What kind of reception do you think he is going to get?

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About as good a reception as the TDECU Wi-Fi…


Boos from fans.

I’m cheering.

A rousing chorus of Boooooooooooo… with a few scattered claps of applause here and there, mostly from Arizona fans.

I’ll have my REMEMBER SOUTHERN MISS sign posted on the wall at my front row seats… and boos; lot of boos!


Why Boo? Let’s be classy and just cheer real loud for our Coogs.


Maybe it’s because I’m still in the concession line, but I don’t remember any college football games that announce or recognize the opposing team’s coach. I imagine UH fans will react when Arizona comes out, but I’m not sure there’s really going to be an opportunity to boo Sumlin specifically.

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Nah… We gettin’ grimey on this one!

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They’ll Put the camera on him… and there will be boos!

I will never show that man any respect the way he did that 2011 team.

Hats off to USM but they had no business winning that game.


After everyone complains about the start time (only to be topped by the weather and traffic if it rains) they’ll find time to boo him accordingly.

they used to at Robertson stadium. they don’t anymore now in tdecu


Boo the hell out of him!


But, but, but…he might be able to pull some strings to help us get into the PAC12 says…no one!!!

I would like to see a sign wishing Arizona luck since they have a coach that quit on a undefeated team/season. Good luck with your quitter of a coach. They may want to lose early to hang on to the coach.

Don’t boo the bum, simply yell quitter.

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I think the best dig in on him is to totally ignore and have no response or booing at him at all. Otherwise he gets the pleasure of renting space in your head. Ignore him and he thinks that he is an irrelevant person to UH, maybe prone to overreacting and making a coaching mistake because of his need to “hey look at me, remember me???” …uh, no … was it Keith Sullivan? …that he is irrelevant and obsolete to us as a rotary dial land line …plus kicking their arises while Ed chews up their QB wonderboy.

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I’ll be as courteous to him as he was to me that day I found myself next to him and another one on his staff (I assume) in line at Hobby Airport’s bag check-in. We were all just moving along, slow and bored. All three of us wearing red UH polos. I didn’t pester him, or ask for his time or suggest any plays…I merely said ‘Hi Coach. I appreciate what you’re doing for our program, etc.’ He looked at me and then turned away like I had asked to borrow $20.

If the mood strikes, I’ll boo him. Then I’ll go back to ignoring him.


Now despite my contention, that is worth a few boos.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of I’ll - will toward anyone dissing UH, particularly when UH set them up to succeed in the first place after delivering them up out of obscurity. And what really had me big time blood boiling ticked off is when, after leaving us, he was in a suite watching the Gaggie bowl game that year and the pathetic salivating media was just falling all over themselves in gushing over Scumlin because he was of course the savior of Gaggie football. In answering one of their questions during the game which caused him to draw upon his past, instead of just matter-of-fact saying University of Houston, UH what have you, he instead referred to us as “that other school”; endearing himself to Gaggies everywhere by refusing to acknowledge that which they loathe but were then dependent on for their football survival … Cougar High …we had to stoop so low to accept what we deemed the worst but now think of as the best from a school that we cannot even acknowledge as existing and our new coach has validated that sentiment.

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Booing this sh#$bag is totally called for. It does not reflect badly on a university. I have yet in almost 50 yrs read/watched a media report on how inappropriate a schools fans were to an opposing team. I lived through being pelted with various liquids at Horn in the 80s. Not one report on how horrible their fans were. So, please feel free to boo Scumlin. Early and often. It will not have ANY repercussions on our school. Furthermore, he deserves WAY more.

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