Sumlin's Arizona Contract = Gold Mine

(zx504) #1

If he gets fired after two years, they will have paid him $14M ($2+$2+$10).
If he gets fired after three years, they will have paid him $15M ($2+$2+$3.5+$7.5).

If he leaves after two years, UA will net (after his $10M buyout) a positive $6M.
If he leaves after three years, UA will net a positive $2.5M.

Looks like Summie is going to be at AZ a while.

This for a guy who just got fired.
Talk about not having an incentive to perform.

Guy may not be a great football coach, but he’s one hell of a salesman and negotiator.


Well, they just fired rich rod who was making $6 mil per year (I believe he was the third or fourth highest paid coach in college football). They gave him that contract after he got fired from Michigan for performing horribly. I guess they like to throw money around.

(Mike Higdon) #3

At least he has a great agent.

(Dustin K) #4

Yea, I want his agent to negotiate my next job.

(Cristian) #5

1. Arizona has a favorable schedule.
2. The Wildcats were young and a little unlucky in 2017.
3. Arizona returns Khalil Tate, an absolute star at QB.
The building blocks for success are here.
Unless you think Sumlin is a massive downgrade from Rodriguez, some improvement is likely just by virtue of additional experience and a full year of Tate at QB.
The Wildcats defense finished 115th in S&P+ and 109th in scoring in 2017, but the team still won seven games. If they can get into the 80s in those departments and maintain an offense similar to last year’s, they can find another win or two, right?

(Monte P Gilliam) #6

he always inherits better QBs than he leaves…good luck after Tate graduates…his teams struggle defensively.
He will win, but never be a champion. He almost never beats conference teams as good or better than his team. see record at aggie…I think yall could have done better.


No matter how you slice, he has a 86-43 record between UH and TAMU. Not too many D1 HC have better records than him that UA could have gotten. Sure hope he has Case and JFF on his Christmas cards list

(John Simpson) #8

The question is: Can he beat Herm Edwards?

(Patrick) #9

Arizona was young last year, especially on defense. If he can get that defense to gel and not drop off too much on offense (not sure about that Mazzone hire), they could be a team to watch in the Pac 12.

Glad we get them early and are their first FBS opponent.

(Patrick) #10

Adam Schefter sent out a tweet today saying that Sumlin interviewed to be Gruden’s OC with the Raiders before taking the Arizona job.

(Brad) #11

Man, I hope that rivalry turns, uglier, chippy and very public.


For those of us lost right now, what’s the back story on Sumlin and Herm Edwards?

(John Simpson) #13

None that I know of. Herm Edwards was hired recently to replace the Toad @ Arizona State. That hire was greeted with, ummm, mixed reviews. It will be interesting to follow that rivalry over the next few years.


Correct. Herm Edwards has been a tv analyst for about 10 years and plans on taking the “CEO Head Coach” to the extreme.