Summer Camp Day 4, Aug 6, 2018

(Cristian) #1

(David) #2

Still looking to see if #2 Anderson is out there.

(Cristian) #3

(Cristian) #4


Where did 87 get that attitude?

(Tom) #6

Fantastic pics, thanks for posting, would have been nicer if 87 had thrown a coog sign. Go Coogs!


If those trash cans make it through fall practice I will be disappointed, just saying.

(Cary) #8

Number 37 and the is the H-Town sign. A lot of players are apt to throw both.

(Cary) #9

Is this what happened to the fence? I thought they were joking when they said Oliver had done that.

(Tom) #10

Looks to me like they are using the fence for leverage.

(Cary) #11

Duarte has tweeted this out indicating Oliver had done this. The fence got more than leverage.

(Patrick) #13

(Patrick) #14

(Cary) #15

All the HS staff pics are awesome. Building those relationships.