Support Those Who Support Us

(zx504) #1

Mayor Sylvester Turner has been vocal supporter of the University and specifically Renu Khator.
More visible and vocal support for UH from any Houston Mayor in my 50 years of living in the city of Houston.

Looks like he’s going to be challenged by two good folks (Bill King and Tony Buzbee) in the next city election. One of whom I know personally. Both big personalities.

Vote for who you want to but as you make your selection remember Sylvester Turner is a Coog and has done whatever he can to be a supporter of the University.


Well said…

(Patrick) #3

Moving to the Satellite as I’m afraid that this may turn political if some folks get hold of it.

I do agree with the Sylvester Turner sentiments, he definitely has pride in the Coogs and has put us out front many times.

To be fair, Bill King is also a UH grad as well.

Tony Buzbee is an Aggie, donates a ton of money to them, and is on their BOR. Not trying to tell people to not vote for him; just putting that info out there.

(Mike Hull) #4

In fairness, Buzbee went to law school at UH.

I’ve met him a few times, but won’t claim to know him.

He supports UH, but no doubt he’s an Aggie first.

I’m not supporting him in a mayoral race, but just wanted to point that out.

(Patrick) #5

Thanks for clearing that up. Wasn’t aware of that.