Surely he knows. He must go!


Major Applewhite was a coach and an eyewitness under Tom Herman’s extremely successful coaching tenure here the past two years. There were certain tenants that described Herman’s teams: Swagger, confidence, pride, execution, competitiveness, and a winning mental attitude. Absolutely none of these exist now. Applewhite has not retained the momentum and the program has digressed to the point of being irrelevant on the national stage. The only decent thing for him to do is to simply resign at the end of the season. Spare himself (AND the fan base) two more years of agony before he is ultimately fired! Please allow the school to correct this mistake as soon as possible and get back on track as a winning player on the nation stage.

(J V ) #2

No swagger or confidence. Heck, MA is just plain vanilla and can’t sell the program to the local media.


Major is guaranteed major money because of tilman. No way any sane guy would walk away from that cash.


Lots of very successful coaches didn’t have much hype around them or their teams really. They just won games regular until the fan base realized that, hey, our team is really good. Then, the fans themselves generate the hype.

That’s how PSU could have sellout after sellout with Mr low key JoePa and the helm.

Nick Saban doesn’t seem to be Mr Excitement either.

I think Major knows exactly what we know and will make the changes as soon as the season ends, maybe before the bowl game. If he doesn’t make any changes at DC and OC between this season and next, I will consider him clueless.


Not defending MW , but not sure who would do a better job this year with this talent and the loss of another coaching staff. I have not been a fan of the oline, but they keep getting a different coach every other year.
Florida, Tennessee are replacing head coaches that some on here thought were good hires.
Look how bad jimbo has been this year at fsu?
How does Iowa destroy OSU and look pathetic the next two games?
Should TT get rid of their football staff, bring them here.


The difference is, we are losing to Tulsa and Tulane. They are not losing to Tulsa and Tulane.


They lose bad regardless. If you are being true, a lose is a lose.


Loss. Sorry. Pet peeve.


We just lost to a team with a green cartoon blob on their helmet. I am drawing the line.


UT needs and offense and we need a HC. Both programs get better.


Agree completely. Long day for other reasons.

(Nick K) #12

we lost to a team coached by Fritz who did a great job an sam houston state.
he was the coach i wanted to hire …i think major could still get us pointed in the right direction…i think we need better offense and defense coordinators


Helton, Dimel, Levine and now Applewhite…only UH coaches that have lost to Tulane.

I guess we give him one more shitty year because his buyout is too high for us…downside of demanding a high buyout from him.

Sad we’re going to waste Ed Os final year. Shoulda hired Orlando.

(PMM) #14

Excuses …

the big boys have something UH does not have; I.e., the luxury of guaranteed big P5 $$$$$$.

UH can lose it shirt with mediocre football.