T&F NCAA Championships Thread (Coogs are national champs in the 4x100, Burrell wins 100, Hall is runner-up in 100, Team finished 3rd overall which matches best finish ever)

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Here is the schedule of events. Friday night is going to be intense!

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Go Coogs !

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2:30 p.m. – Nathaniel Mechler, Decathlon
6:32 p.m. – Men’s 4x100-meter Relay | Heat 3
7:02 p.m. – Brian Barraza, 3,000-meter Steeplechase | Heat 1
7:32 pm. – Amere Lattin, 110-meter Hurdles | Heat 2
7:46 p.m. – Elijah Hall, 100-meter Dash | Heat 1
7:46 p.m. – Cameron Burrell, 100-meter Dash | Heat 1
7:46 p.m. – Mario Burke, 100-meter Dash | Heat 2
8 p.m. – Kahmari Montgomery, 400-meter Dash | Heat 2
8:30 p.m. – Amere Lattin, 400-meter Hurdles | Heat 1
8:44 p.m. – Nicholas Alexander, 200-meter Dash | Heat 1
9:48 p.m. – Men’s 4x400-meter Relay | Heat 2

Noon – Nathaniel Mechler, Decathlon
7:16 p.m. – Brianne Bethel, 100-meter Dash | Heat 3
7:30 p.m. – Samiyah Samuels, Long Jump | Flight 2
8 p.m. – Birexus Hawkins, 400-meter Hurdles | Heat 3
8:14 p.m. – Brianne Bethel, 200-meter Dash | Heat 2

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Watch Live: http://www.espn.com/watch/

Live results: https://www.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/external/track-field/results/d1/outdoor18/Finals/index.htm


Wow. Awesome. Elite Coogs.


Global running day today too, I’m excited! I am trying to figure out how to schedule my run also, lol. Since I was lazy this morning, I’m looking at trying to do 3 miles between Montgomery’s 400 and Lattin’s 400 hurdles.

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Melcher is off to a good start in the decathlon. 10.83 in the 100 for 6th and 7.66M in the LJ for 7th. Looks like 7.66M is a new personal best for him, with a previous PR of 7.48M. He’s 7th through 2 events.


Easy win in the 4x100 heat, came in 2nd fastest time after Florida. Should be a 3 team race with UH, Florida, and Arkansas in the finals unless another school really steps up.


Damn 3k steeplechase, Barraza came in 6th by .01. May have let off the gas too early thinking he was set in the top 5. Hoping to advance on time now.


Definitely let off the gas too early. Hopefully he makes it through to the final anyway.


Thankfully he did slide in. Rotich from Tulane got out kicked again and will not make the final with the 6th place finish


Dodged a bullet there.


Lattin had some issues, wont advance in the 110 hurdles. Looked like a little limp after, hope he is ok for the 400 hurdles in an hour.


Do I dare dream of a 100m sweep? We just qualified 3 sprinters for the 100m finals.


Khamari Montgomery makes the 400m finals.