T&F West Preliminary lists in

(Patrick) #1

Top 48 make it for each event - this is before scratches


  • Samiyah Samuels - 100m (47)
  • Ashley Seymour - 100m (52)
  • Ashley Seymour - 200m (47)
  • Naomi Taylor - 100m Hurdles (9)
  • Birexus Hawkins - 400m Hurdles (15)
  • 4x100 (14)
  • Samiyah Samuels - Long Jump (20)
  • Priscilla Adejokun - Shot Put (40)
  • Priscilla Adejokun - Hammer Throw (36)
  • Mikaila Martin - Hammer Throw (38)


  • Mario Burke - 100m (2)
  • Brandon Taylor - 100m (6)
  • Terence Ware - 100m (7)
  • Travis Collins - 100m (10)
  • Nicholas Alexander - 100m (12)
  • Edward Sumler - 100m (14)
  • Jordan Booker - 100m (46)
  • Kahmari Montgomery - 200m (3)
  • Mario Burke - 200m (6)
  • Obi Igbokwe - 200m (15)
  • Nicholas Alexander - 200m (17)
  • Jordan Booker - 200m (29)
  • Edward Sumler - 200m (34)
  • Frederick Lewis - 200m (46)
  • Trenton McDonald - 200m (48)
  • Obi Igbokwe - 400m (10)
  • Kahmari Montgomery - 400m (13)
  • Jermaine Holt - 400m (33)
  • Amere Lattin - 400m (42)
  • Amere Lattin - 110m Hurdles (1)
  • Devion Wilson - 110m Hurdles (23)
  • Quivell Jordan - 100m Hurdles (37)
  • Amere Lattin - 400m Hurdles (6)
  • Quivell Jordan - 400m Hurdles (10)
  • 4x100 (1)
  • 4x400 (2)
  • Brendon Rivera - High Jump (24)
  • Colin George - High Jump (51)
  • Ben Percefull - Pole Vault (58)
  • Lagarious McQuirter - Long Jump (9)
  • Trumaine Jefferson - Long Jump (19)
  • Felipe Valencia - Shot Put (27)
  • Triston Gibbons - Shot Put (50)
  • Triston Gibbons - Discus (43)

(Timothy Q. Chan) #2



  • 7 in the 100m
  • 8 in the 200m
  • 4 in the 400m

…along with all the others, is mighty impressive.

Refresh my memory, is it Top 16 that go to NCAA Championship? Does it break down to Top 8 from each Regional, or is it the Top 16 overall times/distances?

Just going by current rankings, you would think we’ve got a good chance to send 3 or 4 in the 100m, 2 in the 200m, maybe 2 in the 400m, Amere in the 110mH and 400mH, both relay teams, and maybe a long jumper. I’d have to look back at how that compares to last year.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #3

I was doing a little research on the qualifying lists, and see that they’ve started scratching. http://www.rtspt.com/ncaa/d1outdoor19/west_men_review.htm

Scratch Obi Igbokwe from the 200m, but he stays in the 400m.
Scratch Amere Lattin from the 400m (stays in the Hurdles events)
Scratch Quivell Jordan from the 110m H (focusing on the 400m H apparently)

Colin George is 3/8" (and two scratches) from taking the #48 spot in High Jump.

Something else that stood out as interesting…USC scratched from the 4x100 and 4x400 relays, and they were Top 10 in both.

(Patrick) #4

The Cougars will send 19 competitors on the men’s side and five competitors on the women’s side to compete in 13 events, that include the men’s 4x100-meter relay and 4x400-meter relay. Qualifiers will look to finish in the top-12 in their respective events to qualify for the 2019 NCAA Division I Track & Field Championships in June.

(Patrick) #5

Coogs with the 3rd most male athletes heading to qualifiers.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #6

So the top 12 finshers at Regionals qualify for Championships. It’s a bit arbitrary, but let’s say the Top 18 seeds in each event have the best chance of advancing to Nationals. In other words, if you were ranked #48 in the 100m dash, you’re probably not going to shock the world and move up 36 places at Regionals. It could happen but not likely.

So I looked at the NCAA’s top 25 ranked teams (USTFCCCA rankings):

1 Texas Tech
3 Florida
5 Texas A&M
6 Oregon
7 Houston
9 NC A&T
10 Alabama
11 Stanford
12 Miss. State
13 Northern Arizona
14 Arizona
15 Virginia
16 Georgia
17 Texas
18 South Carolina
19 Iowa
20 Florida State
22 Kansas
23 Kentucky
24 Arkansas
25 Baylor

Re-ranking them based on the number of Top 18 seeds entered in the Regionals looks a little different:
Rank Team (# Top 18 entries) (Difference, Top 25 rank - # Top 18 Seeds rank)
1 Texas Tech (18) (-)
2(tie) Houston (17) (+5)
2 (tie) BYU (17) (+2)
4 Oregon (16) (+2)
5(tie) Arkansas (14) (+19)
5(tie) UCLA (14) (+16)
5(tie) Texas A&M (14) (-)
8(tie) Iowa (12) (+11)
8(tie) Arizona (12) (+6)
8(tie) LSU (12) (-6)
11 Texas (10) (+6)
12(tie) Baylor (9) (+13)
12(tie) Alabama (9) (-2)
12(tie) Florida (9) (-9)
15(tie) Kansas (8) (+7)
15(tie) NC A&T (8) (-6)
17(tie) Kentucky (7) (+6)
17(tie) Stanford (7) (-6)
17(tie) USC (7) (-9)
20(tie) No. Arizona (6) (-7)
20(tie) Miss State (6) (-8)
22 South Carolina (5) (-4)
…and the tribute to the last album recorded by the late, great Minutemen: “3-Way Tie (for Last)”
25(tie) Florida State (3) (-5)
25(tie) Georgia (3) (-9)
25(tie) Virginia (3) (-10)

What does it all mean? Nothing until they cross the finish line. This doesn’t take into account the relative rankings of the Top 18 (in other words, are your Top 18 entries ranked high or low).

That said, I think UH has a solid chance to be in the mix if everyone does what they’re supposed to do.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #7

OK, I got curious and tweaked the spreadsheet to see who has the most “high end” talent. I changed he calc to look only at the number of entries that are Top 4 seeds in their Region. My rationale is, those are the most likely to score points at Nationals (if memory serves, the Top 8 get points).

Again, Texas Tech comes out on top. UH still in striking range.

1 Texas Tech (9) (-)
2(tie) Florida (6) (+1)
2(tie) BYU (6) (+2)
4(tie) Houston (5) (+3)
4(tie) Texas A&M (5) (+1)
6(tie) UCLA (4) (+15)
6(tie) Oregon (4) (-)
6(tie) USC (4) (+2)
6(tie) Texas (4) (+11)
6(tie) LSU (4) (-4)
11(tie) Arizona (3) (+3)
11(tie) Iowa (3) (+8)
11(tie) Kansas (3) (+11)
11(tie) Baylor (3) (+14)
11(tie) NC A&T (3) (-2)
11(tie) Alabama (3) (-1)
11(tie) Miss State (3) (+1)
11(tie) South Carolina (3) (+7)
19(tie) Stanford (2) (-8)
19(tie) No. Arizona (2) (-6)
19(tie) Kentucky (2) (+4)
22(tie) Virginia (1) (-7)
22(tie) Georgia (1) (-6)
22(tie) Florida State (1) (-2)
25 Arkansas (0) (-1)


Awesome analysis TimmyChan :muscle:t2:



(Timothy Q. Chan) #9

Procrastination. Avoidance.

I should be typing up a report right now, but got sidetracked a little bit. But what the hey, there’s 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, right? :slight_smile:

(Cristian) #10

So what im getting is we have no chance of taking the 1st spot home but we might be on the podium as a team.


I think last year commentators said Houston doesn’t compete in enough events to win National team title, can’t accumulate enough points, now why we don’t compete in enough events I don’t know

(Timothy Q. Chan) #12

I definitely wouldn’t say that. There’s always a chance. But would need everyone to be at their best, and get some breaks along the way.

I recall Texas Tech was the favorite going into Indoor Championships and they weren’t even close when the final scores were tallied.

We could potentially take home gold in several events. Get a couple good surprises and the points will add up.

(Patrick) #13

We’re still in the running for the top spot. Really, there’s 4 teams that have a shot at the title this year: Texas Tech, Florida, LSU, and us.

They still have to run the races and our coaches always try to get our guys running their best at this time of year. Once they get to qualifiers and eventually to Austin, throw out the times and distances because all that matters is what they do at that point.

At indoors, we got a huge 2nd place finish from Trumaine Jefferson in the long jump that helped us finish 2nd. Going into that meet, Jefferson wasn’t even on the radar to place in the event.

Still, we’ll need some luck, but I wouldn’t count us out yet.


Exactly Patrick, agree…

Jefferson didn’t score any points for UH in the AAC meet… which was opposite (nice surprise) from indoors nationals… he must get us top8 points in Austin

Now is just up to our athletes to qualify as many as possible for Austin and get “bodies” at nationals



(Timothy Q. Chan) #15

You don’t see BYU in the mix? Looking through the entries I was stuck by how much high end talent they have in the distance races. Like #SLCDistanceCity to our #HTownSpeedCity. :smile:

I think they also were decent in field events, maybe not high end like they are in distance.

(Patrick) #16

Just not enough distance events for them to score high enough. They’ll probably end up top 10, but no one considers them a serious contender.

(Patrick) #17


Happy to see this because it has seemed like Obi runs out of gas doing so many events. If he just focuses on 400 and 4x400, it is best for him individually and the team.


Agree, good move/strategy by coaches…

Obi’s 200m… 15th best time in the nation at 20.7s
Obi’s 400m… 10th best time in the nation at 45.91s


(Timothy Q. Chan) #20

Good point. I had noticed that at the Indoor Championships.